Getaway to the land of water: Vittel

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Direction Vittel and its thermal waters, a pretty town, it seems to me, located in the Vosges, but where I will unfortunately not have time to spend this summer. I admit that I was surprised to find that Vittel and Contrexéville were in that corner of France. We all know by name, but I was quite unable to locate 2 spa towns!

Today, it’s Marion who is showing us around her beautiful city! And it’s amazing all the activities and amenities that there are in this small town!

to discover: VITTEL

Can you
introduce, tell us the age of your children?

I am Marion, I am 27 years old, in a relationship with Alex 30 years old and we have a little 3 year old Alenzo! In addition to our son, we regularly have our 7-year-old nephew Mahé!

What are the 5 reasons to discover Vittel with the family?

  • 1er : The mirabelles! Yes, yes here you can eat mirabelle plums as a starter, main course, cheese and dessert!
  • 2th : The thermal baths of Vittel and Contrexeville (those of Contrexeville are accessible from 7 years old!)
  • 3th : The Vittel thermal park (entertainment all summer), with a hippodrome, a bowling alley, inflatable games, giant chess, shaded galleries to rest, springs to serve you different waters for free!
  • 4th : Activities ! Free outdoor swimming pool on a lake, tree climbing, bowling, educational farm, rental of rosalie, mini golf, golf, horse riding, skate park etc… ..
  • 5th : Hikes and ballads (we have more than 50 hiking trails accessible by stroller for some !)

What are the 5 must-see places in Vittel?

1 – The thermal baths of Vittel

They are magnificent, with the large gallery. These thermal waters were already known to the Romans, but development took place after 1850.

Travel and Children info: The thermal baths seem to be reserved for curists, and the spa is accessible for leisure but prohibited for children under 16

copyright: Christophe finot

Lutherie Museum

for music fans, this museum is located a few kilometers from Vittel.

Travel and Children Info: museum is located in the Vosges at Mirecourt. He seems to have a great Vosges tradition of violin making, and I want to visit a workshop this summer with the children to find out more!

The racecourse

for its beauty it is grandiose, in summer you can even bet live on horses!

Joan of Arc’s website

A few kilometers from the site of Joan of Arc (for history lovers) –

Travel and Children Info: the Joan of Arc’s birthplace can be visited in Domrémy-la-Pucelle, with an interpretation center explaining the life of peasants in the Middle Ages. It is 40 minutes from Vittel.

For gourmets, the candy factory

La fabrique a bonbons, a confectionery that offers demonstrations and tastings in the summer

Travel and children information: this workshop is located in the Delivosges store, in Dernay

Can you share with us 3 things locals love to do on weekends?

Here people like good things, and sharing ! A lot of people meet for example at aperitif time in the thermal park to share a drink or a cold meats board!

You can also you relax around Contrexeville lake 4 minutes from Vittel, for fishing, strolling, or even swimming

And if that tells you, there is a well-known restaurant here (5 generations!) where people love to meet, open every day except Monday. It offers a wine cellar to eat in or take away, and menus from € 13.50 to € 31, those who like to eat well can find a lot !! This is Chez Claudine in a small village in They they have a huge garden for the children with lots of games… and always a little lollipop for the children !!

Do you have any good addresses to share?

As indicated above, the most “kids friendly” restaurant is Chez Claudine in They Sous Montfort, or La Rotonde bar in the thermal park!

How to get to Vittel

  • By car: 1h15 from Dijon and Metz – 2h30 from Reims and Strasbourg – 3h30 from Paris and Lyon
  • By train: Vittel station
  • By Plane: Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport – Epinal-Mirecourt Airport

I hope this will make you want to discover Vittel as a family. Feel free to make us discover your region, your city by testifying here

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