Germany: the desire to travel has not yet translated into the number of reservations


The survey reveals that two out of three Germans acknowledge their desire to travel this summer while a third will choose to stay at home. In fact, domestic destinations lead the preferences. The good news is that the 64% who want to travel represents a growth of 9 points compared to the survey carried out by the company in February.

Research carried out on a sample of 1,000 people revealed at the end of May that two thirds of people who want to travel are waiting to see how the different indicators of the pandemic unfold in the coming weeks.

Many German citizens choose to combine staycations with travel abroad in 2021.

These data suggest that the real boom will probably take place in June if the positive trend in terms of vaccination and the level of infections continues, motivating those who want to travel to take steps forward in their plans.

Mixed plans

Of that group that wants to travel, a third plan to spend their holidays in Germany, 15% want to go abroad and another 18% are planning to plan a mixture of both, domestic and international tourism. On the other hand, only a third of those who plan to travel within the country say they do so due to the pandemic. 60% say they would have stayed on a national trip anyway.

As for those who give up traveling this summer, just over half say that it is due to concerns related to Covid. Only 24% cite financial reasons for giving up vacations. All this reflects that most of the German population will be willing to travel again as soon as the worst of the pandemic passes and, therefore, experts consider that there is an underlying trend to take into account under these figures that will skyrocket further to long term.

These data, together with the reopens that are already taking place in the hotel market, both domestic and in the main destinations, and the figures already handled by tour operators, allow us to think about a positive evolution going forward. In the case of Spain, however, the fact that restrictions have been relaxed with respect to one of its traditionally large competitors, such as Turkey, may lead to a certain change in the trend with a less marked increase in reserves.

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