Georges Sans nommé à la gestion de la stratégie commerciale de la start-up Tictactrip - Crédit photo : Linkedin

Georges Sans appointed head of strategy for the start-up Tictactrip


In a sports newspaper, during this transfer period, our colleague would say that it is “a big blow made by Tictactrip. ”
And indeed, it looks like it. The start-up, founded only 3 years ago, has just hired a collaborator from one of the most powerful and dynamic online players in Europe.
Georges Sans, formerly responsible for communications at, has decided to join Tictactrip.

Within the young shoot, Georges Sans will take care of the business strategy of the start-up, and therefore the positioning of the brand, the acquisition and retention of customers as well as strategic partnerships.

We are delighted that a leader of Georges’ caliber is joining the team, with his long and rich experience in building consumer-centric brands and his knowledge of e-travel on a global level.
Georges will be invaluable and fits perfectly into our vision of becoming the European leader in land transport,
“said Hugo Bazin and Simon Robain, the co-founders of

What is

After three years in the air, the serial entrepreneur, tackles land transport, without a sector with a future less blocked than the air at the moment.
Founded in 2017, Tictactrip compares and combines the different means of land transport, namely buses, trains and carpooling, on the same journey.
Simon Robain and Hugo Bazin created Tictactrip after graduating from their Masters at ESCP Europe. Quickly structured, the start-up developed very quickly, to currently have a staff of 10 people.
Today Tictactrip registers more than 3000 users per day, 7000 cities connected and accessible in Europe and 650 million connections available.

The company has experienced strong growth since January 2020.