Garzón, insists: “Some in tourism are comfortable with the high precariousness”

Garzón, insists: “Some in tourism are comfortable with the high precariousness”

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The minister of Consumption, Alberto Garzón, trying to argue what led him to make the controversial statements that were echoed by Preferred, and who have ended up being the cover of the major newspapers generalists (A minister belittles importance of tourism: “it Is a sector of low value added”). Despite the fact that it defined the tourism as a sector of low value added, precarious and seasonal stresses now that its purpose has not been to harm the industry, but strengthen it.

In statements to the SOUTH, ensures that “spoke to modernize our economy and boost our industry; the sectors of high added value; to strengthen the tourism sector, etc”. “Because unfortunately today, there is a high precariousness in a sector that we have to see how we are able to strengthen it and improve it”, she continues.

Garzón, who at any time has apologized for his words, acknowledges that “I was not expecting all of this controversy by making this analysis” and believes that “this is part of a strategy to destabilize the Government”. “I understand that there are some elements in the tourism sector who are comfortable with the high precariousness, which pay a pittance to the maids. And there will be many people in the PP who thinks this way, but in the majority of the sector agree that it is best to raise the quality,” he says.

“I understand that there are people with thin skin, but we have to make policies to strengthen the tourism quality. A responsible Government has to understand that this is reality and work to change it. There are others who think that if you say this signal to the sector. I don’t think so; to fight for to improve it is better than feeling offended by something that we all know is real” sentence.

Reaction of the PP and Citizens

His disregard initial to tourism, which has led to the unanimous rejection of the business organizations in the sector (tourism entrepreneurs calling for the resignation of Garzón), has led the Popular Party to call for his resignation. The spokeswoman of tourism of the parliamentary group in the Congress of Deputies, Agustín Almodóbar, claiming his termination to “put an end to the constant belittling of the sector.” “His statements are unworthy of a member of the Government of Spain”, regrets.

Last Monday, nothing more occur these statements, I myself, through this publication I asked for the resignation of the…

Published by Agustín Almodobar Barcelo in Thursday, may 14, 2020

The leader of Citizens, Ines Arrimadas, has reminded the minister of Consumption that “the quality of our hospitality and tourism is one of the best in the world. Its practitioners do not deserve this contempt and this lack of knowledge. You should ask for forgiveness and show more respect to sectors that need all the help to overcome this terrible crisis.”