Guillaume Linton (ASIA) : "Au-delà du symbole très fort, après plus de 26 mois d

G. Linton (Asia): “The opening of Japan is the most exciting news for Asia Pacific”


TourMaG – You explained to us in a previous interview that the opening of Japan would be a strong signal for the Asia zone. The Japanese Prime Minister’s announcements last weekend regarding a reopening of Japan is therefore excellent news…
William Linton : The announcement of the reopening of the Japanese borders to foreign tourists from June is certainly the most exciting news for our Asia-Pacific zone since the start of the pandemic! Beyond the very strong symbol, after more than 26 months of prohibition, of the opening of the last major lock in Asia for foreign tourists, it is also the first destination of Asia, in volume of business before Covid , which is finally getting ready to welcome our travelers back.
TourMaG – What is the appetite of the French market for Japan? William Linton: Whether it’s purely tailor-made, private tours combining fast trains and rental cars, intimate group tours or combined Tokyo/Kyoto stays (often extending from the Japanese Alps and the iconic sites of Miyajima and Hiroshima to the south), our travelers will have missed out on the hanami season, with the flowering of the cherry trees, three springs in a row! The appetite of the French market is enormous for this destination, star of the last Summer Olympics, since it is the one for which we have had the highest postponement rate since the start of the pandemic and to which reservations have not never stopped, even though we had no reopening date so far.

TourMaG – What will be the terms? William Linton: We have never been so close to opening up to international tourism. We are now awaiting the exact date in June and more specific access conditions for travellers. There is no doubt that demand will be very strong and will focus first on departures in autumn 2022 (mid-September to mid-December) with the very beautiful koyo season, corresponding to the reddening of the leaves of maple. According to our information, it is also very likely that travelers going through an agency or a TO to book a “package travel and a fixed itinerary” will be the first, if not the only, to be able to benefit from the precious sesame to visit the Japan from this summer. We are now eager to learn more about these conditions to restart the machine in the land of the rising sun. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced Thursday, May 5, 2022 that Japanese authorities will review border policies. The country has put in place a quota of 10,000 daily external arrivals for students and business travelers. This figure could be doubled with tourist arrivals explains The echoes.

Several conditions will be required to travel to Japan: have received 3 doses of vaccine, have purchased a travel package and are traveling on a fixed route.

However, the exact terms and conditions of travel remain to be specified.