Sophie Hocquez, Directrice commerciale French Bee : sur l

French Bee: “we have a real place to take in the United States”


TourMaG – French Bee, which launched on the New York destination on July 14, had to welcome the news of the reopening of the USA with great relief? Sophie Hocquez: Sure ! That’s excellent news !
TourMaG – And this translates into your reservations? Sophie Hocquez: Clearly. From the statements of the known American authorities, we immediately saw an increase in bookings. We are also quite satisfied with the results since the launch of the line if we take into account that we only had half of the market. This reinforces the idea that we have a real place to take in this destination.
TourMaG – Do the bookings you register focus on a specific period? Sophie Hocquez: We are in the period from November to January. We are starting to have requests for spring, but these are destinations with shorter booking windows than Tahiti, for example.

TourMaG – On the line to Papeete, you will be passing through San Francisco as soon as the United States reopens? Sophie Hocquez: Yes, as soon as it opens, we will return to the stopover in San Francisco.
TourMaG – Is the “Tahiti” destination picking up colors as well? Sophie hocquez : Yes. With progressive deconfinement, some activities are open again and we are starting to see the repise over the holiday season.
TourMaG – In the meeting, the situation is clearly improving, the recovery is also there? Sophie Hocquez: This is our historic line. Summer got off to a good start in June and then came to a fairly halt. Today the recovery is good. School holidays there arrive earlier (currently editor’s note) and will be followed by the holidays of the Metropolis. It is very positive now and also with regard to the end of the year period.

TourMaG – Marc Rochet told us last year that you had developed everything you need to be present on the American market and that you had projects in the United States… Can you tell us more? Sophie Hocquez: All I can tell you so far is that we have an A350-1000 arriving in mid-December and a second in mid-2022 and that we will have to fly them….
TourMaG – On destinations yet to be defined? Sophie Hocquez: The world is wide …