France: vaccination is open to all “French people who want it” according to Olivier Véran


The new year began with another quack for the government.
The eagerly awaited vaccination campaign does not go as planned, France is even at the back of the pack with 500 vaccinated, or 2,378 times less than Israel and its 9 million inhabitants.

Exasperated by the slowness of this campaign, the President of the Republic slammed his fist on the table and the effects of the presidential wrath were not long in being felt.
We are now going to amplify, accelerate and simplify our vaccination strategy“promised Olivier Véran, this Tuesday January 5 at our colleagues from RTL.

While only residents of EPHADs, then certain health professionals were concerned by this 1st wave of vaccination, the Minister of Health decided to pass the overdrive.

“We will open in the coming days a possible registration for the French who wish it …”

We will open in the coming days a possible registration for the French who wish it by internet, by phone no doubt, and why not by The TousAntiCovid application (to download) so that French people who wish to be vaccinated can make it known, register and can make appointments.
He has also decided to broaden the spectrum of the first vaccinated to firefighters and home helpers aged 50 and over, as well as to over 75 non-residents of nursing home “before the end of January“.
This anticipated acceleration and the opening of registrations should allow the government to know more about the intentions of the French, while polls say they are largely resistant to the idea of ​​being vaccinated.

While the new British variant of the virus raises fears of the worst, on a possible resurgence of the epidemic, the executive seems to be groping about the posture to adopt on the subject of vaccination and restrictive measures.
For the moment 2021 looks like 2020 …