France raises close its border by road to Girona

France raises close its border by road to Girona

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The French Government is considering the closure of its border by road with Catalonia through the pass of Junquera in Gerona, in the case of the “chaos” and “spread” the coronavirus is extended or aggravate in the region of the north east of spain, in the Costa Brava has in the French market to the main foreign.

Jean Castex, prime minister of the Government francės, evoked such an event the morning of Saturday, declaring in the market of Prades, a hundred kilometers from the border of La Junquera: “The figures from Barcelona are much worse than we observed in France. We are restless and we must discuss the problem with the Spanish authorities”.

The images of thousands of vehicles “fleeing” Barcelona have had a buzz in the audiovisual media in france, where it has been repeated numerous times the “risk” that they could run the French regions if that traffic ended up crossing the border.

Several French media, according to ABC, it is estimated that France would be willing to re-close the border with Spain, through La Junquera, if the situation is complicase or aggravate in Catalonia and Barcelona.