La saison estivale 2020 a été marquée par la bonne fréquentation des activités sportives et de loisirs et des activités de plein air en général (vélo, canoë, batellerie, randonnée, découverte de la nature…) -

France: outdoor activities are doing well this summer


Now is the time to take stock and ADN Tourisme * does not cut corners. The National Federation of Institutional Tourism Organizations has just released the highlights of this 2020 summer season impacted by the coronavirus crisis.
We will find in broad outline, the observation and the analysis of Didier Arino, director of the Protourisme cabinet who spoke in our columns this Friday, September 11, 2020.
The month of June was judged “disappointing” the attendance having shown a drop for French tourists, more than 20% in certain territories.

On the other hand, over the two summer months of July and August: the surveyed territories mainly announce a decrease or stable tourist attendance in July compared to 2019 and a slightly better trend in August.
In general, attendance on the heart of the season is above expectations, given the context.

Vacation rentals have been popular

According to a survey of 1000 people, 53% of French people left in July and August (compared to 71% in 2019). Almost all of them stayed in France (94%).
Regarding foreign customers, if distant markets were absent, from the beginning of July, certain local European markets marked their return: Belgians, Dutch and Swiss.

On the other hand, the attendance of Italian and Spanish clienteles marked a sharp decline compared to 2019. As for the attendance of the British and Germans, it was very strongly impacted, especially for the former by the reinstatement of a fortnight for the return to British territory.
In many territories, vacation rentals have been popular (Occitanie, Normandy, Ardèche, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Brittany, Pays de la Loire or even Ile-de-France).
On the other hand, the majority of respondents announce a trend rather down for hotels and campsites with in particular a trend observed by several territories of a disaffection for bare pitches.

Outdoor activities have done well

The 2020 summer season was marked by the good attendance at sports and leisure activities and outdoor activities in general (cycling, canoeing, inland waterways, hiking, nature discovery, etc.).
In Normandy or even in the Southern Alps, some outdoor leisure sites confirm that they have never welcomed so many visitors.
The “Loire à Vélo” cycle routes have broken historic records again this year: + 34% bike trips in July and + 9% in the first half of August, a enthusiasm confirmed at the national level by a cycle frequentation increasing by + 31% in France from May 11 to August 16 according to Vélo & Territoires.

Ultra last minute

While attendance in the countryside (30% of stays by French customers) and in the mountains is reportedly increasing by the regions, while urban space is reportedly declining.

The situation is more contrasted on the littoral : although it tops the list of places to stay for French customers (37%), it has suffered, in some places, from the absence of foreign tourists, especially those from distant markets.
As for the behavior of tourists, this year we note an increased local attendance from neighboring territories or even the department. The season was also marked by ultra last minute bookings.
As for the outlook, it is marked by uncertainty for the post-season …
* Flux Vision Tourisme system (mobile phone data) as well as a survey in partnership with five regional tourism committees