France Montagnes : "Nous sommes prudents mais confiants pour les vacances de fin d

France Montagnes: “We are cautious but confident for the end of year holidays”


Despite the declaration of Olivier Véran, Minister of Health: ” Christmas will not be a normal holiday this year », The mountain resorts want to believe in the end of the year celebrations.
Containment obliges certain resorts such as Val d’Isère to postpone their opening weekend initially scheduled for November 28 and 29, 2020. Ditto for Tignes and its glacier which had to shorten its opening: “The Tignes ski area, which opened on October 17, will therefore close its doors tomorrow evening (Friday October 30, 2020 editor’s note) and until December 1 at a minimum. We were ready on October 17 to welcome ski enthusiasts … We will be again as soon as the context is favorable! “, the station explained in an Instagram post.
However, the resorts are continuing their efforts to prepare their ski area, like Alpe d’Huez: “We will continue, in the days and weeks to come, to prepare our ski area so that the resort can open its doors on December 5 as initially planned”.

And it is also this message that France Montagnes wishes to convey through the voice of its Managing Director Jean-Marc Silva: “We continue to prepare ourselves to be able to welcome customers in the best conditions and in compliance with health protocols, at the end of confinement as soon as we have the green light. The current turn of the screw will allow I’m sure to be able to pass the end of year holidays in the mountains “.
In a press release Jean-Luc Boch, President of France Montagnes and of the ANMSM (National Association of Mayors of Mountain Stations). adds: “Faced with this second confinement and a situation that is changing daily, we work on the basis of the knowledge of our customers, of the experience of managing the customer journey and of the perfect mastery of our territories in order to be able to open all the French ski resorts. We can assure that all the players and economic forces that make up French ski resorts continue to prepare for the season. We are going to work in the coming weeks with the government to allow as soon as possible the best reception of our customers “.

Attract new customers

To encourage reservations, the accommodation providers but also the resorts have set up flexible offers with cancellations sometimes until the last moment. “What is important is that future customers can book now, even though we already know that everything will happen at the last minute,” adds the Managing Director of France Montagnes.
This is why the TV campaign launched in partnership with Atout France is continuing: “This operation makes it possible to plant the seeds for the future holidays”

While reservations for merchant accommodation in mountain resorts were down -26% on October 9, 2020, Jean-Marc Silva hopes to be able to attract new customers: “Even if the snow cover does not play badly on the sequences of reservations, this year the mountain really has a role to play. It can interest the French who used to go far, the customers of the travel agencies or those who go. in large metropolises ”

This summer, according to figures from France Montagnes, 1/3 of visitors were new customers. If good news were to emerge for the holidays, there remains a major challenge: compensate for the absence of foreign clienteles who represent 28% of total attendance, with strong disparities depending on the massifs: “Foreign visitors can go up to 75% for some stations. If the reservations of the Belgians and the French are late, the Dutch are waiting and the British totally blocked.”

This is how the stations advance cautiously but confidently. “The specific of the mountain dweller is to adapt, we will know how to do it once again, with experience in addition to the summer season“launches Jean-Marc Silva.
See you on December 1, to find out whether or not the start of the winter season in the mountains can indeed begin!