Leere Liegen am Strand von Mallorca

Foreign Office: Mallorca becomes a corona risk area


The federal government has decided internally that Spain, with the exception of the Canary Islands, should be classified as a risk area. The classification is only valid if it is on the Website of the Robert Koch Institute is published. This also becomes the Spanish holiday island Mallorca Declared a risk area due to the increased number of corona infections.

The decision is made within the Federal Government jointly by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. First had IMAGE reported on the decision. As soon as the RKI has published the classification, the Foreign Office would also have to decide whether to issue its travel warning for Spain and Mallorca changed. In government circles it was emphasized that the classification as a risk area does not constitute a travel ban for Spain. However, the rule would then apply that returnees from Mallorca would have to go into quarantine until they can show a negative corona test.

Test after returning from risk area

A travel warning is not a ban, but is intended to have a significant deterrent effect. However, it also has a positive side for consumers: it allows travelers to cancel bookings free of charge. After the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the Federal Foreign Office issued a worldwide travel warning for tourist trips for the first time on March 17. It was initially lifted again in mid-June for more than 30 European countries.

However, it has now been fully or partially reactivated for five EU partners. This usually happens when the number of new corona infections exceeds the mark of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days. In addition to the areas in Spain, Luxembourg, the Belgian province of Antwerp and regions in Bulgaria and Romania are also affected.

Anyone returning to Germany from a risk area must be tested for Corona. There is currently a travel warning for more than 160 countries, but only about 130 of them are classified as risk areas.