Finally: direct flights Fortaleza-Jericoacoara from February 18th

Finally: direct flights Fortaleza-Jericoacoara from February 18th

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Direct flights Fortaleza-Jericoacoara

Gol has already started selling tickets on its website direct flights Fortaleza-Jericoacoara.

A new direct route is also agreed Fortaleza-Canoa Quebrada, but tickets are not yet for sale.

Both routes will be operated by the partner Two Flex, taking advantage of the Ceará government’s regional aviation incentive program.

The Fortaleza-Jericoacoara route starts on February 18th. The Fortaleza-Canoa Quebrada route is promised to start earlier, on January 13th.

Daily Fortaleza-Jericoacoara

Cessna Grand Caravan

Cessna Grand Caravan

The Fortaleza-Jericoacoara (Cruz) route is ambitious: it provides for 20 flights a week in each direction. At a minimum, there will be two direct daily flights in each direction, even in low season. The inaugural flight will be on February 18, just in time to spend the Carnival in Jeri. Tickets are already on sale on the Gol website.

The journey takes 55 minutes and will be done in a Cessna Grand Caravan with a capacity for 9 passengers.

Tickets are being sold for R $ 322 each way, already including a checked baggage volume of 23 kg. (The little plane has no space for hand luggage.)

These are the scheduled times:

Jericacoara Airport is in the neighboring municipality of Cruz, 30 km from the village.

See how to get from the airport to the village of Jericoacoara and where to stay in Jericoacoara.

Fortaleza-Aracati (Canoa Quebrada) 2 times a week

Canoa Quebrada Airport

Canoa Quebrada / Aracati Airport

The Fortaleza-Aracati (Canoa Quebrada) route will only be operated on two days of the week, Saturday and Monday. The flight will take 50 minutes. The route is scheduled to open on January 13, but tickets are not yet for sale.

Currently, Aracati airport only receives two flights a week, from Azul, coming from Recife. This new route will be much more interesting for tourism. Azul calls the destination Canoa Quebrada, Gol calls it Aracati. The airport code, of course, is the same: ARX.

As soon as sales start on Gol’s website, I inform prices.

These are the scheduled times:

Canoa Quebrada Dragão do Mar Regional Airport is 9 km from the center of Aracati, 18 km from Canoa Quebrada and 20 km from Fortim beach.

Airport taxi drivers charge R $ 50 for the transfer to Canoa Quebrada and R $ 80 for Fortim (price per ride).