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Fernando de Noronha: how is the reopening plan proposed by the community

International tourism

The blog Living Noronha, from G1, detailed in a post published yesterday afternoon the Fernando de Noronha reopening plan presented by the Norwegian community.

The proposal is the result of a series of debates that involved inn owners, boat tour operators, taxi drivers, representatives of the District Council, ICMBio and Tourism Council, and was handed over to the island’s administrator, Guilherme Rocha.

Fernando de Noronha’s plan to reopen residents envisages that the same entry protocol that residents and service providers who travel from the mainland to the island apply to visitors.

  • To board, you would need to present a negative PCR exam to Covid done up to 72 hours earlier or serological examination proving that he once had Covid and is cured
  • Upon arriving a new PCR exam would be done for Covid
  • The visitor would need to be in isolation at his inn until the result of the new exam comes out, in 24 hours
  • Anyone who has had Covid would be exempt from both the second test and the 24-hour isolation

In addition, it would be necessary to have a health insurance entitled to air rescue. And the visitor would have to adhere to a conduct adjustment term committing to follow the rules of mask use and social distance.

According to G1, the proposal had the intermediation of the Public Ministry of Pernambuco. The administrator will take it to the governor of Pernambuco, who is due to speak later this week.

Would it work?

For this scheme to work, some insurance company will need to create specific insurance for Noronha, with ambulance planes to remove visitors who are positive in the second test.

(When a resident returns from the continent and tests positive, it is possible to isolate at home for 14 days. The tourist does not have this option.)

What would be the cost of insurance with air rescue to the city of origin of the visitor?

Let’s follow. No hurry: for his fragility and difficult access, Fernando de Noronha must be one of the last destinations to reopen. And when it reopens, it is important that it is with maximum security.