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the Puy du Fou with the family, who has never dreamed of it? I admit that I would love to go there, but we don’t often have the opportunity to cross France! So I asked a mom to tell us about her family weekend at Puy du Fou, its opinion and recommendations!I complete with other information to find on the site to help you prepare your trip to Puy du Fou!

Can you introduce your family, tell us the ages of your children during this family holiday in Puy du Fou?

We went to Puy du Fou in August 2021 at 4, with 2 children aged 6 and 8 for 2 nights and 2 days on site.

When and how did you book this weekend at Puy du Fou with your family?

On passing directly through the Puy du Fou site, in spring 2021 – be careful, it was just when the Park reopened after COVID closure, it may be necessary to do it earlier in normal times!

Puy du Fou Tariff – Travel and Children Info

the price of the park for an adult day is 43 € (32 € / child). If you book for a specific date, the price is 37 € (27 € / child). Please note the cinescénie (the big evening show) is not included in this ticket!For a full ticket, count 61 € / adult (50 € / child) to include the big show!

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What were your favorite shows and attractions?

We have adored The ball of the ghost birds, The secret of the lance, The musketeers of Richelieu and The sign of triumph. It’s our Top 4, but all the shows are awesome and are worth it! The children were won over (and so were we!), We had a blast for 2 days.

The immersion in the park is great, we slept there in the drap d’Or camp, it was great.

Shows – Travel and Children Info

About thirty shows take place permanently in the park! You will have to choose! Some are immersive to have the impression of being part of the adventure: The first kingdom, The Lovers of Verdun, The mystery of Perugia, the rebirth of the Chateau. They are often not recommended for the youngest.You can also book for nightly shows including the Cinéscénie (check if this is included in your ticket)

What was approximately your program over the 2 days?

We did 3 to 4 big shows a day and then depending on the schedule, we then took advantage of the place, the villages, the immersive shows – we were not bothered, it was the right format !!

Have you had galleys or other bad experiences?

We were surprised when we arrived by the wait before the shows, we naively arrived 15 minutes before the first one, which was already full! In high season, it is necessary to plan 45 min to 1 hour of queue before the 6 big shows.

The park is also quite large, it takes time to move from one village to another. We have walked an average of 10 km per day ! (thank you apps 😊)

At what age can we bring children to Puy du Fou?

Suddenly that brings me to the age of the children: in view of the wait and the distance to be covered on foot, I do not regret having waited for my children are grown up to go. Earlier it would have been complicated!

From 6 years old for a better experience and to enjoy a maximum of things without too much fatigue!

Do you have any tips for a visit to Puy du Fou

  • If I had to go back (in high season), I would take the Emotion Pass. It is expensive, 20 EUR more per day per person but it allows you to arrive 10 minutes before the start of the show and have the best seats. A hell of a time saver !!
  • Possibility to picnic on the site, it may be an option. There are snacks and restaurants in the park, not overpriced but you have to queue
  • the park opens at 9:30 am in summer, there were already kms of traffic jams at 9:45 am to enter the site, so get there early!
  • If you wish it, I advise you to book the restaurants at the same time as the tickets or the hotel nights on site : there is a reduction and they may then be full for a reservation the same day.

Where did you sleep to make the most of these 2 days at Puy du Fou?

We slept 2 nights on the site, in the Camp du drap d’Or composed of large medieval tents. We slept very well, the breakfast buffet was very extensive and excellent: I recommend with your eyes closed!

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What budget for these 2 days at Puy du Fou with the family?

For 2 nights and 2 days, our budget was 850 EUR, including park tickets for 2 days, 2 nights, a picnic, 2 meals at the snack bar and an evening at the restaurant.

How to get to Puy du Fou?

We got there by car, so very easy! Dedicated parking when you sleep on site.

When to go to Puy du Fou with the family?

The park is open from April to La Toussaint. This year, it closed on November 7, 2021 and reopens its doors on April 9, 2022. Reservations are already open.

Avoid school holidays so that there are a little less people, but beware the Cinéscénie is not scheduled all the time!

>> To reserve your seats and your stay for 2022

  • Good sanitary conditions 10/10
  • Ease of transport on site 10/10 – on foot
  • Easy to find everything for baby (infant milk, diapers, baby food …) / 10 I don’t know …
  • Kid-friendly activities 10/10 – for me, as soon as they walk
  • Beauty of the landscape or visits 10/10
  • Affordable budget 8/10

A big thank you to Noémie for this first participation! It really makes you want to go spend a weekend at Puy du Fou with the family!

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