Face to face with the Mona Lisa | #TravelingInNews

Face to face with the Mona Lisa | #TravelingInNews

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Louvre Museum, Paris

The Louvre Museum in Paris reopened today, July 6, with all the protocols of the new era implanted: visitors wearing masks, reduced capacity, appointment, social distance.

The best news was the Mona Lisa room. Thanks to social distance, there is no longer that naughty agglomeration in front of the painting. The course of the room is now marked, and everyone has a chance to take their Da Vinci Selfie.

The scheme urgently needs to be copied by our biggest tourist agglomeration: the top of Christ the Redeemer. Visitors already climb to the statue in organized transport, by appointment – either by train or van. But when they get up there, the train crew and the van crew are mixed up in no order – something that, in the * new * order, no longer fits.

There is still no forecast when Brazilians will be able to travel to Europe again. If you are in Paris, however, we regret to inform you that, despite having reopened this Monday, the Louvre will be closed again this Tuesday. Calm: Tuesday is the museum’s weekly closing day smile

Posted on 6/7/2020

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