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EXCLUSIVE – APST: bronca on the sale of the building and discussions with the Mutuals?


This September 2020 re-entry is likely to mark the annals of the Professional Association of Tourism Solidarity (APST).
Indeed, the APST will have to announce to its administrators during the Bureau to be held this Wednesday and the Board of Directors on Thursday, painful decisions such as the b[transferoftheseatcondition[cessiondusiègeconditionsine qua non to obtain government loans or the ongoing discussions with mutual societies of the SFEREN Group, SGAM (Société de Groupe d’Assurance Mutuelle) which also includes Macif and Matmut.

These decisions were taken by the current president, Alix Philipon, according to the mandate voted by the Board of April 29, 2019, and will have to be acted (or not), today and especially tomorrow.
This gave him “Power” to lead the discussions and take the necessary measures to end the crisis of the Association.

The personal situation of the elected representative may not have allowed her to benefit from the time necessary to lead and closely monitor the sequence of events.
Whereby she has delegated Emmanuel Toromanoff, secretary general, who would have initiated and led most of the negotiations, with insurers “proposed” by the General Directorate of Enterprises (DGE).

Reporting obligation not respected?

All in a very confidential way, since only two members of the Bureau (out of the 8) were informed … on what criteria?
The article from your favorite portal that exclusively announced on Wednesday August 26, 2020 very advanced concrete progress with the Maifsurprised (to put it mildly) many administrators, who had the feeling of having been confronted with a fait accompli or even cheated.

It is more the form than the substance that is criticized. Indeed, it would seem that the mandate given to the president was accompanied by a reporting obligation which, obviously, would not have been respected or only partially.
However, the PV (Minutes) which formalized the decision is very precise on the question. (Cf box) except that it only arrived 3 months (!) After (July), which, obviously, also sows trouble.
In short, a governance crisis could emerge from today (?), during the Bureau, or tomorrow at the Board of Directors, among the directors who are supposed to choose among the candidates to buy back the building and give their blank check to the merger, association or others, envisaged within the framework of the takeover by the Maif.
All before approval by the General Assembly which will take place around mid-September.
We should learn more at the press conference organized by APST on Thursday.

Delegation of powers (extract)

(…) This delegation of powers is given for a period of four months expiring on September 1, 2020 and will be renewable by decision of the Bureau. It is expressly specified that under this delegation, Mrs. Alix Philipon, in her capacity as President of the APST, may perform any necessary action falling within the scope of said delegation and to this end represent the APST in its relations with third parties, without a new prior authorization from the Bureau or the Board of Directors being necessary, subject, where applicable, to the powers of the General Assembly. Mrs. Alix Philipon, in her capacity as President of the APST, will have to report on the accomplishment of the Mission to the Bureau at the end of the above-mentioned period and during the delegation (…)

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