Exceltur foresees that the recovery will be consolidated from Easter


The first trimester 2022 will be complicated because the omicron effects will continue to be present, according to Exceltur forecasts. However, a strong recovery from April, with the celebration of Holy Weekprovided that the epidemiological situation improves.

In this scenario, Spanish demand would reach values ​​very close to 2019 in its trips to Spain and foreign demand would close at 18.9% below the values ​​prior to the appearance of COVID-19, affected by the low long distance demand, especially from Asian countries that remain practically closed.

Entrepreneurs from all subsectors trust in a recovery of their sales, in a general way, in all destinations

If these improvement forecasts are fulfilled, at the end of the year, the Tourism GDP would reach 135,461 million euros, 87.5% of pre-pandemic activity levels and would recover 47,000 million euros compared to the value reached in 2021. Tourism GDP would thus stand at 10.5%, compared to the 7.4% estimated by Exceltur in the past anus.

For the most part, businessmen believe that the full recovery of pre-pandemic sales levels will not occur until 2023

The Director of Studies and Research, Óscar Perelli, and the Vice President of Exceltur, José Luis Zoreda, during the press conference held today at the Hyatt Regency Hesperia Hotel in Madrid.

With respect to analysis on the financial year 2021 collected in the report “Tourism Perspectives”, Zoreda has highlighted the good performance of employment in 2021, with an improvement of 20 points over the previous year, which reflects, as indicated, the commitment of employers to the incorporation of their employees to restore normality. In any case, he has insisted on requesting the extension of the ERTE (Employment Regulation File), which end in February, until the end of the year due to the uncertainty that continues to exist in the sector.

He also referred to the importance of national demand in the recovery of the sector last year, with figures of overnight stays that have equaled, and exceeded in some destinations, those of 2019. While the mobility restrictions again limited the recovery of the foreign tourism, which closed the year with a drop of 59.7% in income left in our country, to 29,000 million euros, with Germany Y France at the head of source markets, versus United Kingdom, which for years has led arrivals in Spain.

According to survey conducted by Exceltur among more than 2,000 businessmen and closed on January 4, the drop in the income of its companies was 46.9%, and among the most affected are the face-to-face travel agencies, Airlines and the urban hotelsyes On the opposite side, the OTA (online travel agencies), holiday hotels and the car rental companies showed better behavior.

With regard to destinations, vacation and inland destinations performed better than urban destinations, especially those that are more dependent on the national market.

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