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Escape to the Greek Islands with Costa Cruises!



Before you start your greek islands cruise, you will discover the must-see Greek capital.
Athens is rich in world-famous ancient wonders: the Acropolis, the Theater of Dionysus, the upper town and the remains of the Parthenon, the temple of Olympian Zeus … You can also walk in the heart of the historic center of Athens, the district of Plaka. At the foot of the Acropolis, you will love to stroll through the narrow streets where there are many restaurants, artisan shops, not to mention the beautiful Byzantine churches.


Your Costa cruise will of course take you to Crete, the largest island in Greece where the Minoan civilization flourished.
On a cruise in Crete, you will discover its four provinces, starting with Chanià (Chania). This charming town exudes all the charm inherited from the Venetian rule of the island. Chanià is also a favorite destination for lovers of beautiful beaches, they will especially appreciate Elafonissi, a real oasis of clear sand and limpid, warm and transparent waters.
The imprint of the Serenissima is also present in Heraklion through the castle overlooking the port. On site, you will appreciate the picturesque market of local products and the superb archaeological site of the Palace of Knossos, the labyrinthine city of the Minoan king guarded by the famous Minotaur. However, the richest collection of Minoan remains can be found in the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion.
A cruise in Crete is also an opportunity to explore the beautiful natural landscapes of the island. Mainly mountainous, Crete has impressive gorges but also dream beaches, such as the bay of Balos.


Mykonos is the mythical and festive island of the Cyclades archipelago. After docking in the port of Mykonos, you will enjoy the many coves and sandy beaches of this magnificent island. In particular, you will discover the paradisiacal beach of Paradise Beach, while in the evening you will let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of this young and cosmopolitan island. The port district, the Kastro, will charm you with its pretty alleys, shops and trattorias … Take advantage of this stopover in Mykonos to take a pleasant walk in this maze of alleys and alleys where you will discover the beauty of the architecture of the city with small white houses with shutters with blue shutters.
Also not to be missed during your holidays in Mykonos: the windmills of Mykonos, the beach of Platys Gialos, the island of Delos.


During your Costa cruise you will arrive at Corfu port, the Neo Limani, which is located a short walk from the town center. The island of Corfu owes much of its charm to its wonderful old town which is really very picturesque with its cobbled streets, cafes, shops. A labyrinth where you will love to get lost and which will remain an indelible memory of your cruise in Corfu. From the old town, you can explore the De Campiello district with its important Venetian architectural heritage. In this district, do not miss to make an excursion to the splendid 16th century fortress which stands on a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea. End your visit of the island in total immersion in the green setting of the city among olive trees, orange trees and cypress.
Not to be missed during your vacation in Corfu: the magnificent caves of Paleokastrítsa, the palace of Sissi the Empress of Austria, the pebble beach of Barbati.


It is the southernmost island of the Cyclades archipelago. You will discover a deep blue sea, overhung by breathtaking cliffs. The landscapes of Santorini are unforgettable and the archaeological heritage is priceless. The contrast between the turquoise waters of the beaches and the white of the villages located at the top of the cliffs is a truly exceptional experience.
Make the most of your time in Santorini by visiting the volcanic-formed beaches. Their black color makes them truly spectacular. Archeology enthusiasts should not miss the opportunity to visit Akrotiri. Excavations have uncovered Minoan remains and a town that dates back to Cycladic civilization. During the stopover in Santorini, be sure to take a trip to the magical village of Oia, or the ruins of Akotiri. A walk on the slopes of the Santorini volcano is also a must if you like walking.