Enter - but only after accepting the regulation | #ThinkingTravel

Enter – but only after accepting the regulation | #ThinkingTravel

International tourism

In yesterday’s post we talked about the excellent idea implemented in the reopening of the Botanical Garden, in Rio de Janeiro. Before purchasing a ticket, the client must (theoretically) read and (must) accept the visitation rules, which include all covid anti-propagation protocols.

As long as the pandemic is not controlled, this is a system that could be adopted by all participants in the travel industry. Will you fly with us? Do you want to stay at our hotel? Would you like to visit our attraction? Well read, agree and sign.

If you do not follow what was agreed, we are sorry, but your trip / accommodation / visit ends here.

If they are able to get the message across, tourism experience providers can acquire a new role. Providing a safe escape – albeit a short one – from a situation of confinement is the best that tourism can do at this time.

Let’s follow. For now, if you can, #fickin home.

Posted on 8/7/2020

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