Le segment du luxe est toujours le premier à repartir. Nos clients ont rongé leur frein pendant de longs mois et ont très envie de voyager », observe Frédéric Savoyen, CEO d

Employment: Luxury tourism is regaining its momentum and is recruiting!


While a fifth wave and new restrictions linked to covid-19 are rife, luxury tourism professionals take stock of a good year 2021.
“Despite a very hectic first trimester, Eluxtravel , our brand specializing in luxury travel recorded sales of more than 6 million euros, up compared to 2019 ”, says Frédéric Savoyen, CEO of Elux Groupe.
“We had two very rock’n’roll weeks, with the Morocco and the Mauritius Island . Each announcement involves a lot of work and a very noticeable drop in demand, before picking up even stronger. There is significant resilience. The luxury segment is always the first to take off. Our customers have been chomping at the bit for many months and are eager to travel ”, he continues. Same observation at John paul, specialist in white label concierge services, from the Accor group. “Business is very good, up 25 to 30% internationally. While in 2020, it was halved ”, observes Olivier Larigaldie, CEO of John Paul Group.
The concierge market will grow by 7.5% per year on average by 2023, according to estimates from the private research institute Xerfi.
“Since October 1, demand for leisure tourism has experienced an exponential curve. Business tourism is gaining momentum ”, completes Olivier Glasberg, associate director of Travel success, member of the luxury travel agency network Virtuoso.

A younger clientele

Tourism keeps pace with restrictions due to the pandemic. With the crisis, however, the high-end market is experiencing significant demand.
“As soon as the destinations reopen, we feel an urge to travel. In France, we have a huge number of requests, particularly for house and car rentals. There is an explosion in relation to the crisis. The trend is towards last minute bookings and flexibility ”, observes Olivier Larigaldie, CEO of John Paul Group. And the icing on the cake: The pandemic has allowed us to gain CSP + customers, younger and better off who were not used to using a travel agency. To save themselves the mental burden of organizing a trip with all the restrictions that we know, they naturally pushed the door of a premium agency. They want to travel well and be reassured. We have rediscovered all the meaning of our profession ”, notes Frédéric Savoyen.
“It is a very demanding clientele for whom, previously, the travel agency seemed has been. We must now retain their loyalty by providing them with more and more services “, continues the CEO of Eluxtravel. Moreover, the average file at Eluxtravel increased by 20%, reaching € 18,399.

Current recruitments

To answer the question, John Paul proposes ten positions , including eight in Paris. Today, the Parisian branch located in the Marais has 200 employees.
“We are looking for profiles specializing in travel, with great experience and the desire to work exclusively to the satisfaction of travelers. We are demanding on the skills and aptitudes of our employees, in particular interpersonal skills ”, emphasizes Olivier Larigaldie, CEO of John Paul Group.
“Our model is interesting for our future recruits. Our service is offered by the major brands that use our services. Our teams are free to spend the time they need with members, without any goals or products to push ”, he specifies. For its part, American Express is strengthening its Travel & Lifestyle Services France department. After having “downsized” its workforce in March 2020 and experienced departures, Eluxtravel resumed its recruitments throughout 2021. Today, the luxury specialist is looking to expand its sales, production and marketing teams and offer a technician position in the back office. In addition to its two agencies in Paris and its headquarters in Versailles, the tour operator plans toopen a new point of sale in the Paris region.
“There are good profiles on the market, but they are feverish at the idea of ​​moving. Today, it takes more than salary arguments to attract talent. We offer compensation above the market. Our travel designers receive a fixed remuneration of around 30k, with incentives on the objectives. But beware, these are big goals ”, emphasizes Frédéric Savoyen.
“We set up monthly incentives for salespeople and a global incentive which benefits all company employees if we exceed the objectives by 10% or 20%. We have set up a model of emulation which means that everyone invests a lot “, he continues. At Succès Voyage too, we are recruiting two experienced travel agents. “High-end travel attracts candidates, but it’s a very demanding industry. It also requires a lot of availability and good stress management to be able to respond to customer requests 24 hours a day ”, remarks Olivier Glasberg. Candidates, to your CVs!

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