Emotions in Gévaudan

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What to do in Gévaudan with the family? This mythical name still shakes the spirits for the legends which relate to it, concerning the famous beast. We crossed this little corner (former French province) during our trip to Lozère with the family…

Today, Agnès sent us a very short summary of what you can do there, which I have completed to give you more information on this sector!

Name of the region: Le Gévaudan

This region better known by its tales and legends around the beast of Gévaudan is located between the Haute Loire, Cantal and Lozère.

What to see / do for free with children in Gévaudan?

Walking, swimming, visiting pretty villages (the medieval village of Malzieu), Cascade du deroc en Aubrac

Some family hikes in Gévaudan?

Gévaudan is a mid-mountain landscape: there are forest, whitewater river like the Allier gorges.

You can walk around Mont Mouchet (high place of resistance) by making the hunt for blueberries and mushrooms.

What are the essentials to visit with children?

The museum of resistance to Mont Mouchet,

nice little museum but rather well done and therefore attractive to children

the fantastic museum of the beast of gevaudan,

Not recommended for children, it is not recommended under 8-10 years because some scenes are scary

the lake on truyere.

you have to plan the day but it is a nice outing with beautiful landscapes along the railway track

conch abbey

(a bit far…) very pretty village and above all mythical abbey with its famous tympanum

Where to see animals, a favorite attraction for the little ones?

  • The gevaudan wolf park,
  • the European bison park,

I confirm to you that these 2 animal parks are the must-sees in the area. We visited them with my family with my mini Voyageurs during our stay in Lozère.

Ideas for parks / playgrounds in Gévaudan?

Natural swimming pool (very nice) of saugues, with playground next door

Malzieu playground (with small zip line) + swimming pool, pony club next door.

What culinary specialties tasted in the region?

The aligot of course! A traditional culinary specialty from Aubrac that will undoubtedly appeal to your children. Made with mashed potatoes, fresh tome or “aligot tome”, cream, butter and garlic … A real treat!

Where to stay with family in the gévaudan region?

Cottages / camping on Saugues (village stopover on the way to St Jacque de Compostela) and Malzieu-ville

What type of climate is it in Gévaudan? What should we provide as clothing for the little ones?

Cold in winter, pleasant in summer because at altitude