Elizabeth Merely recommends "not to considering a vacation abroad"

Elizabeth Merely recommends “not to considering a vacation abroad”

International tourism

The minister of the ecological Transition, Elizabeth Terminal, has announced this Sunday, may 24th, that decisions will be taken “in the coming week to continue the déconfinement”, about summer vacation.

After you have ordered the French to book now “their vacation for the month of July and the month of August” on the waves of France Inter. The minister has also stated that : “the borders with non-Schengen area remain very controlled. It does not prompt for absolutely no French to considering a vacation abroad“.

While Spain has again allowed foreign tourists to come on his soil from July, Elizabeth Terminal has it, esteemed “not being able to recommend it to the French to book a holiday in Spain today (…) the government will wait to see how the solution evolves,” she says.