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Finally, I have been looking for them for a long time, products for going to the mountains and picnicking with the family and in an ecological way. Until then, I managed with my plastic boxes, etc.

I could have listed all the inventions that I could have launched at each picnic with “my clever, practical ideas”. But, fortunately, I ended up finding products that were already on the market and that wowed me!

1 – Waterproof picnic blanket

Eco picnic - waterproof picnic blanket

Often, we go to taste or picnic in the fields of our mountains. The grass can be a little damp there and after a while, your buttocks will be cool!

The, this picnic plaid has a waterproof side, preventing your blanket from getting wet. The other side is made of soft cotton, ideal for a nap after meals.

In addition, it is supplied with a pouch which allows you to store it in the backpack and not to soil the rest. And so he stays compact so as not to take up space in the bag.

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Edit 2020: this cover really follows us everywhere: on the other side of the world, in our weekend bivouacs, on hikes… It is always in my backpack when we move from home!

2 – Reusable compote gourds

Until 2 years ago, I bought ready-made compote gourds, which we threw away after each picnic or snack. Now, even though I still don’t cook my own compotes, I buy the compotes in big jars and we fill our small bottles for reusable compotes, to go for a walk or for a school trip.

Very easy to fill with a spoon or with the right tool when you prepare a lot of them, the reusable compote gourds are very easy to wash in the dishwasher. And in 2 years that it dragged to the bottom of the hiking bags, I have not never leaked! We also put yoghurts or white cheeses to avoid taking small spoons that children tend to lose on each outing!

Edit 2020: we always use it in the winter to ski to eat our homemade compotes, even there are no more babies here!

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3 – Reusable sandwich packaging

In test all winter on the ski slopes with the Minis Voyageurs, we adopted the reusable sandwich holders.

For little ones like Mini Voyageur, we often take sandwiches with slices of sliced ​​bread. We then have the choice to take the Kids Konserve packaging or snack’n Go pouches

For older children who like sandwiches in a good baguette, I finally found thesandwich packaging which I can no longer do without. A real favorite!

Reusable and washable flexible sandwich holder

Everyone has adopted their own color. My Miss Voyageuse like a good preteen took the skateboard model, I chose a more colorful model and M.Papa took a colorful waterproof on both sides, more practical in winter picnics according to him!

reusable sandwich holder

And what I liked: it is the fact of putting everything in the machine after use and so it is all clean for the next picnic! and the models are cannon!

Compressed picnic

Again, an accessory that followed us in South America, for a year, and every weekend for our hikes!

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4 – Picnic bags

lunch bag and table set

If I ate outside at noon, I would take it without any hesitation, the assorted lunch bag with my sandwich holders. It is ultra practical: it turns, with the zip, into small placemat with a single gesture. And you have everything at your fingertips! You put your little box there for your salad, your drink and your dessert and the cutlery can be stored separately so as not to dirty everything.

And the most: goes to the washing machine!

5 – BPA-free stainless steel water bottles

To drink on a picnic outing, it is better no longer to take a plastic bottle on each outing. We are equipped with stainless steel water bottles that will last for many years.

For the past 2 years, I have fallen for beautiful gaspajoe gourds. Pretty illustrations, you can be classy even when hiking!

For the more pragmatic, there is the scalable insulated bottle. We take the 200 ml bottle for example, and we equip it with a few accessories, optional, to transform it into a learning cup and then into a gourd when your baby goes out of class on his own.

Eco picnic Baby bottle Pacific baby lot

>> Our dedicated article on children’s bottles

6 – Insulated stainless steel box to eat hot on a picnic

When we go picnicking on the ski slopes, I always find it nice to have something hot! Either the hot drink in our stainless steel thermos flask, or a small hot dish, in a stainless steel insulated box just a few bites per person, to warm up when the sun is not shining (but this is quite rare in our region 😉)

So, I find these very practical small insulated boxes. If I had known this before, I would have invested earlier when the children were babies to put the jars in hot water, to keep them at the right temperature.

Now, we take our insulated box, we put mash or some pasta that we share with the family, for a few spoonfuls per person.

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picnic blanket gourd stainless steel insulated box

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And you, are you still traditional picnics or are you looking to be ecofriendly during your picnics?

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