Easyjet check the health of their drivers to decide layoffs

Easyjet check the health of their drivers to decide layoffs

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EasyJet has been reported for the use of the records of disease of the pilots with the aim of choosing more than 700 job cuts, according to BBC. The pilots ‘ union of Balpa has said that the policy of the airline is “unnecessary and inaccurate”, claiming that the airline was risking the safety of the passengers, “because the sick staff would be put to work.”

EasyJet has admitted, according to the BBC, that the absenteeism-general could form part of your assessment, but to deny that the disease could be a key component. EasyJet is planning to 727 layoffs of pilots as part of up to 4,500 job cuts and a restructuring that includes the closure of bases in the airports of Stansted, Southend and Newcastle.

Before the start of the formal talks, Balpa said the airline has been communicated to the representatives of the pilots who will use the disease as a component to choose who loses their job.

“The safety of the flight is based on a culture of openness and not fear repercussions. This is a fundamental and well understood to all involved in ensuring that our skies are safe,” said Brian Strutton, general secretary of Balpa.

“Safety is our number one priority and we are focused on doing what’s right for the long-term health of the company and our people so that we can protect the jobs in the future,” said the airline in a statement.