Direct flights to Ubatuba, Paraty, Angra, Buzios, Guarapari, Jeri, Torres and Canela

Direct flights to Ubatuba, Paraty, Angra, Buzios, Guarapari, Jeri, Torres and Canela

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Direct flights to Angra dos Reis

Change the bottled road for teco-teco

Direct flights to Ubatuba, Angra dos Reis, Paraty, Buzios, Canela, Torres, Jericoacoara, Itanhaém and Guarapari: if you are not afraid of teco-teco, the beach and the mountains are closer.

Between the second half of December and January 31, during summer vacation, the Blue Connect will put its fleet of 9-seater Cessna Caravan airplanes to operate routes that replace long car journeys with very busy roads.

The Cessnas Caravan fleet belonged to TwoFlex, which was purchased by Azul just before the pandemic.

The routes include some of the most sought after destinations along the Rio-Santos road, which for many years have not received regular flights, such as Ubatuba, Paraty and Angra dos Reis.

Azul Conecta will also resume a route that had been started at the beginning of the year by TwoFlex between Fortaleza and Jericoacoara. And he will return with regular flights to the airport of Canela, next to Gramado.

Another big news is the reactivation for regular flights from Búzios airport, which in the last 15 years had only been receiving air taxi and private planes. The airport is on Rasa Beach, near the entrance to the peninsula. (But if your destination is Arraial do Cabo, it is better to fly to Cabo Frio airport, which is 20 km closer to Arraial.)

Note the new routes:

Leaving Congonhas:

  • Itanhaém (35 min.)
  • Ubatuba (55 min.)
  • Paraty (1h05)
  • Angra dos Reis (1h15)

Leaving Santos Dumont:

  • Paraty (45 min.)
  • Angra dos Reis (45 min.)
  • Buzios (45 min.)

From Belo Horizonte:

  • Guarapari (1h40)
  • Buzios (1h45)

From Porto Alegre:

  • Cinnamon (40 min.)
  • Torres (50 min.)

From Fortaleza:

  • Jericoacoara (1h05)

Do you dare to change the road for teco-teco? Tell us!