DER Touristik: “We have helped travel agencies”


Asked if there will be a greater dependence on hotels with respect to tour operators in this new post-COVID scenario, Schikarsky stressed the importance of his work to assist hoteliers in ensuring the safety of the destination for customers.

“Our job at the moment is to offer our clients a little more security, they are not looking for the best price, they are not looking for something cheap, they are looking for security,” he said in statements to the media after concluding the event.

In this regard, he explained that what tourists need in these uncertain times due to the health crisis when traveling is advice, something that the tour operator can provide. “They are looking for someone they can talk to, our advantage is that our travel agents offer these services, with our call center available to our clients “, which in the opinion of the DER Touristik director,” greatly benefits the hotel industry “.

A moment of the summit held in Palma. Photo: IBEROSTAR

However, he recalled that Internet sales will also continue to have weight. “We also sell a lot online, between 30 and 40% of our sale comes online“He explained, to abound that in this new stage personal contact with clients will be more important, for which, together with the tour operators, the agencies will have an outstanding value.

Sven Schikarsky

The vice president of the Sol y Playa area of ​​the German tour operator also addressed the forecasts for the season in the Balearic Islands, and although he pointed out that it is part of a situation in which almost 90% of the market has been lost, the launch of the pilot plan and the opening of Spain’s borders to international tourism has encouraged reservations. (See The pilot plan in the Balearic Islands concludes with 14 flights and 2,000 passengers and Spain will open its borders with the Schengen area on the 21st).

“It shows that people know that the destination is open and the reserves are returning. Right now we have around 50% of the reserves that have returned, we are very happy that the market is returning,” said Schikarsky, who highlighted “competitiveness de Mallorca “at a time when the tourist seeks safety and quality of the destination

“Sorry to say it but Mallorca for the Germans in like their home. It is easier for them to travel an hour and a half or two hours from Germany to Mallorca to be on their vacations and they have more security here than in other destinations, “he stressed.