Delta with doubts against restart of flights to Latin america

Delta with doubts against restart of flights to Latin america

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Luciano Macagno, general director Latam, Caribbean and South Florida Delta Air Lines, calls into question the resumption of the flights to Latin america. In the virtual forum ‘The future of tourism pospandemia’, the management has indicated that they are “with a question mark in front of what is going to happen in the future.”

In that sense, he explained: “We are in permanent dialogue, seeing how it happens this situation in every country, because we all want to fly as fast as possible”, published by Vanguard. Macagno has also highlighted that the main challenge of the company and of the airline industry in general, is to rebuild confidence in the traveler (Delta: the bankruptcy of Latam and Aeroméxico sinks its results).

“The main challenge is to reinstall the trust of our customers, travelers insurance, although I do not see big changes in the way our products are going to reach the market pospandemia,” he assured. In this regard, it has highlighted that the capacity of the aircraft is 60%, which allows them to have a chair-free, by that no one should have to sit next to an unknown person.

Also, has stressed the importance of biosecurity protocols for cleaning and care, which “came to stay”, as well as the technological advances that already had been working from before the pandemic.

Finally, he stressed that the issues concerning the technology have been accelerated and today they take even more value.” For the near future, the priority is, according to Macagno, communicate changes to the customers, “you know that the way we travel now is another.”