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Delayed, damaged or lost luggage problems, what to do?


We know how important it is for any traveler to reach their final destination with all their luggage and all their belongings intact. But we also know that many times, before possible luggage problemsSuch as delayed baggage, damaged baggage, or missing baggage, users can feel truly lost in what to do or how to claim the airline.

Millions of suitcases are lost or damaged every year, and in this sense, it is essential to know your rights before the airlines and know when you can claim and when not. As well as knowing what to do in case of any inconvenience with your bags.

Therefore, we are going to try to help you by offering the following information on what to do when you have problems with your travel bags at the airport and how to request compensation from the airline correctly.

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What problems can you have with your plane luggage?

First of all, we are going to review what problematic situations can occur with suitcases when traveling by plane. These are situations related to the handling of these on the conveyor belts or in the storage in the holds of the aircraft.

I mean, these are the luggage problems that you may have due to mismanagement of the airline you are traveling with:

  • Your checked bag does not appear on the conveyor belts at the destination airport.
  • Your checked bag appears, but with a significant delay.
  • Your checked suitcase appears damaged or broken (it has bumps, dents, scuffs, broken handles or wheels …).

These three are the main problems with airline luggage that you can claim directly from the airline.

On the other hand, due to actions by you or by third parties, you could also suffer the following situations:

  • Your suitcase is stolen at the airport.
  • You have gone with the weight or the measures allowed by your airline and they make you pay more.

These incidents are NOT possible to claim from the airline.

When and how to claim lost, delayed or damaged luggage?

However, you must bear in mind that you have the following deadlines to claim the airline:

  • 7 days in the case of broken or damaged suitcase.
  • 21 days in the case of delayed or lost suitcase.
  • From 21 days in the case of missing suitcase.

In other words, the deadlines for a problem with checked luggage start from the moment you should have your suitcase and until 21 days have passed it is not considered a lost suitcase.

As for money, The amount of compensation for lost luggage can reach up to € 1,400 per passenger. But to guarantee you the highest possible compensation and facilitate all the procedures, it is necessary to carry out all the steps correctly.

And what steps to follow when filing a claim with the airline?

Keep reading the tips that we list below …

What to do when you have luggage problems?

In the event that you are unlucky enough to suffer from any of the above situations, where the responsibility falls on the airline, this is when you should consider claiming them. That is, delay, loss or damage to the suitcase.

In these cases of having luggage problems, Do the following:

  1. Go as soon as possible to the customer service desk of the airline you have flown with. Otherwise, go to the AENA counter.
  2. Have your ID / Passport and boarding pass at hand, reservation confirmation… In the event that you also have photos of the baggage prior to the flight, a baggage value declaration… Present them too.
  3. Indicate your problem and request a Report of Irregularity (PIR). Here you must fill in your personal information, flight number and baggage details. Airlines must also have this incident form on their web pages. In this case, we advise you to save screenshots and emails. However, it is advisable to fill in the PIR form before leaving the baggage area, otherwise it is assumed that you are satisfied with the state in which your suitcase has arrived. This is essential to subsequently request a compensation for luggage problems.
  4. Make a complaint using this form for each passenger separately, to be able to claim individually later.
  5. Keep a copy of each document.
  6. In the event that your incident is due to a damaged or broken suitcase, save the invoices for the repair or purchase of a new suitcase.
  7. In the event that your incident is due to a delayed or lost suitcase, save all the invoices for the purchases you need to make of clothing, hygiene products … Especially if it happens to you on the outward journey.
  8. If you have any travel / luggage insurance contracted, do not hesitate to notify them as well.
  9. Finally, if the airline does not give you a coherent solution or is slow to provide it, do not hesitate to contact a company specialized in claims.

Tips to avoid having problems with luggage

Finally, once a mishap has already occurred with your travel bags, it is not possible to go back. Therefore, it is advisable to follow some guidelines before traveling and thus avoid, as far as possible, having these inconveniences that we discuss with luggage.

But what can you do before starting your plane trip?

  • Inform yourself carefully about the weight conditions and the measurements allowed by each airline, both in hand luggage and in checked luggage, and try to respect them as much as possible.
  • Make a planning of the contents of your suitcases; what are you wearing, how are you wearing it and what is its value.
  • If possible, take out travel insurance in advance to cover your suitcases and their contents.
  • Make a luggage value declaration before the flight, in case you are transporting objects of great value.
  • During the entire journey of your trip, do not lose sight of your belongings for a moment while they have to be with you. Above all, mobile phone, camera, documentation …
  • Take a photo of the suitcase before you check it in.
  • Avoid suitcase straps or cords that can get caught on the conveyor belt.
  • Use padlocks and security locks.

In short, if when you arrive at the destination airport you have luggage problems, (lost luggage, delayed baggage or damaged luggage) notify the company as soon as possible, request a PIR form for each passenger and save all the documents, invoices, photos … that you may need to claim.

Have you ever had any of these mishaps with your airline luggage? Feel free to tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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