Déconfinement : "Nous saurons mi-juin si on peut circuler en Europe", assure un voyagiste

Deconfinement : “We’ll know in mid-June if we can travel to Europe,” says a tour operator

International tourism

French citizens will be able to go on holiday this summer, as announced by Édouard Philippe, during his backup plan of tourism on may 14. But, how to reinvent tourism in the era of the coronavirus ?

“The tourist season is saved for the French, but not for us [le groupe Les Voyageurs du monde]. I have good hope to the interior of the Schengen area, the european countries will eventually hear, if the epidemic is controlled by the beginning of June,” explains Jean-François Rial, CEO of the group Travelers in the World.

He will be able to travel in Europe, for example in Greece or in Portugal this summer ? “I don’t know, but it is possible, because there are discussions between european countries. Some have positions that are very hard, such as the Space, and the United Kingdom, the French are in a position that is more open,” sums up Jean-François Rial, before saying : “Rather, it is the evolution of the epidemic that is going to decide. If it is stable, I think we will be able to circulate in Europe (…) but, you know, I would say, mid-June”.

For what is a holiday in the countries of the Maghreb, popular destinations of the French for the summer : “Unfortunately, I do not believe that this will be possible because overall, Schengen has decided to close its borders all summer and I doubt he changes his mind. One can imagine, though, a small chance, in case the epidemic, as predicted by professor Raoult, completely disappear (…) but, I would say that this is not the most likely hypothesis at this stage”, says François Rial.