Déconfinement : Spain reopened its borders to France on 21 June

Déconfinement : Spain reopened its borders to France on 21 June

International tourism

The French will again be able to travel in Spain. This Sunday, June 14, the government leader, Pedro Sanchez, has announced forward to June 21, the restoration of freedom of movement with all the countries of the EUexcept at the land border with Portugal, where the controls will be lifted on 1 July.

The Spanish government, which had so far given the date of 1 July, has decided to lift “controls at the borders with all the member States (of the EU) on June 21,” said Pedro Sanchez during a televised speech. This date corresponds to the lifting of the state of alert in Spain, which has helped impose a mid-march one of the confinements the most stringent in the world, and at the end of the déconfinement careful started mid-may.

After discussion with Portugal, the decision was taken to “maintain the controls at the land border with Portugal up to June 30, inclusive”, added the head of the Spanish government.

Most of the quarantine imposed on travellers

A result of this reopening of the borders, quarantine, imposed since the may 15, to travellers arriving in Spain will be lifted on 21 June, said Pedro Sanchez.The announcement of the head of the Spanish government comes at a time when Brussels on Thursday called on “all member States to lift all restrictions at the borders Monday,” June 15.

The question of the reopening of the Spanish borders, has given place at the beginning of June to a cacophony within the Spanish government, the minister of Tourism has announced the end of controls at the land border on June 22, with France and Portugal prior to that the executive reaffirms the date of the 1st July. Portugal, a country much less affected by the pandemic, was expressed his surprise at this announcement of a unilateral.

Spain will re-open to the rest of the world on the 1st of July

Like the other countries of the EU, Spain will start from 1 July to reopen its borders to travellers from non-european countries where the situation of the epidemic “is similar to or more favourable” than in the EU, said Pedro Sanchez.

While the epidemic is under control in the country, the Spanish authorities fear that the reopening of borders does not result in new outbreaks of the contagion. It is “a critical moment but we are prepared for that“in particular in terms of detection of new cases, has assured the head of the government.