Déconfinement : Spain may accept some foreign tourists at the end of June

Déconfinement : Spain may accept some foreign tourists at the end of June

International tourism

Spain could host tourists more quickly than expected. The German tourists, French or scandinavian could be allowed to come in Spain during the second half of the month of June, in the framework of a project “driver” to restart the tourism business. This was announced on Saturday 30 may, the ministry of Tourism of spain and portugal.

Last Saturday, the Spanish head of government Pedro Sanchez announced that Spain reopened its borders to foreign tourists “starting in the month of July”. For this, the quarantine imposed on persons arriving in the country since the may 15, will be lifted on 1 July.

But according to a spokesperson of the ministry of Tourism, the arrival of tourists could be allowed before the 1st July in the Balearic and Canary islands, the only two regions that have asked for the time to participate in this “pilot”.

British tourists are excluded from the pilot project

This spokesperson indicated that the authorities estimated on the date of June 22, to start receiving tourists from Germany, France or scandinavian countries, because these countries have an epidemiological situation better or similar to that of Spain. Note that these tourists would not be subject to quarantine. The british tourists, many more to come each year in Spain, would be, however, excluded from this project driver, because of an epidemiological situation is less favourable in Britain.

“We work with tour operators in germany”, very present in Mallorca in the Balearic islands or the Canary islands, pointed out the spokesman of the ministry said that the government was open to proposals from other regions such as Andalusia (in the south), Catalonia (north-east) or Valencia (is), if they wanted to participate in this pilot project.

Spain is the 2nd world tourist destination

Spain is the second world tourist destination and tourism weighs in at 12% of GDP. This country is one of the most affected in the world by the pandemic, has made more than 27,000 deaths, has begun in recent weeks a careful déconfinement by phases that should be completed by the end of June or in early July at the latest, according to the regions.