Dean’s Blue Hole

The world’s deepest salt water blue hole can be found near Clarence Town on the coast of Long Island, The Bahamas. A blue hole is an underwater cavern and sometimes it is also called a sinkhole. There is no shortage of blue holes on the planet, but Dean’s blue hole is the deepest and considered one of the most beautiful ones as well.

It is widely considered to be one of the world’s best diving and snorkelling site.

Deans Blue Hole from Above

The water is very clear as its visibility reaches up to 30 meters. The blue hole’s deepest point is 202 metres (663 ft) but if you pass the hole and swim around, the depth of the water will be only waist-deep. Because of its enclosed nature, wind does not reach it and there are no big waves either, making it an ideal place even for beginner swimmers.

Typically, blue holes look like ponds, but Dean’s blue hole is a different one in many ways. It is connected to the Atlantic through an inlet on one side and framed by cliffs and white sand beaches on the other.

The diameter of the hole is between 25 and 35 meters, thus it is easy to swim past it. Once you reach 20 meters below the water, the diameter of the blue hole extends to approximately 100 meters wide.

Besides being one of the best spots in the world to dive and swim, it is also a marvellous sight in itself. Beaches around the blue hole are also clear and excellent spots to tan in the sun.

Although scientists still debate how exactly did Dean’s blue hole form, most geologists think that it formed due to underwater erosion; a combination of dissolving limestone and a chemical reaction that happens when fresh water and salt water meet.

There is a great variety of sea animals to be found inside Dean’s blue hole. Snorkelers and divers alike will be able to spot snapper fish, tarpons, turtles seahorses, rays and many colourful tropical fish.

Deans Blue Hole diving

Dean’s Blue Hole Access

Dean’s blue hole is located next to Clarence town, in Long Island, Bahamas. The island which is inhabited by only 3,000 locals is a place that is unspoilt by tourism.

It is also much less touristic than the main islands of Bahamas, New Providence and Grand Bahama, but there are enough facilities for the visitors.

Getting to the Dean’s blue hole is not an easy task. First, you will have to book a flight to the capital of Bahamas, Nassau.

The main airport of Bahamas is served by many international carriers all year round.

Afterwards, you will need to fly to Long Island, to Deadman’s Caye Airport (DMC). There are two airlines operating flights daily: Bahamas Air and Southern Air.

Once you arrived at the airport, you are only 10 minutes away from the blue hole. Beware that some flights make a stop to Stella Maris airport in the north of the island. In case your flight stops there, make sure to not get off the plane.

From Deadman’s Caye Airport, you can take taxis that will take you to your accommodation. Once arrived there, they will be able to help you further.

If you go there on your own with a car, you can access it through the Turtle Cove development. You will have to locate a blue stone wall on the highway. You will have to take the road until its end and there turn right on a dirt road. At the end of the dirt road, there will be a parking area; from there you will have to walk to the beach.


There aren’t many options in terms of accommodation in Clarence Town or on Long Island, thus it is advisable to book a place in advance.

Gems at Paradise is a resort located 9 km south of Dean’s Blue Hole.

Winter Haven Inn in Clarence Town offers great value rooms and has the advantage to be situated in the town itself.

Dawn’s Bayview Motel is also situated in Clarence Town and has sea-view rooms.

If proximity to Dean’s Blue Hole is not an issue, there are other excellent places to stay in Long Island like the Long Island Breeze Resort or Chez Pierre.

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