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Want to go to the Cyclades with baby? Our traveling mum tells us everything about her first trip to the Greek islands with her 13-month-old baby. The Cyclades are a perfect destination for a first trip with baby because the plane flight is not very long, the islands are downright exotic, the locals are adorable with the little ones. On site, the place lends itself more to idleness and baby naps than to visiting, even if there are some pretty sites to discover!

Presentation of the family for this trip to the Cyclades with baby

Baby was 13 months old during our trip to the Cyclades in 3 weeks in August 2021

Which Cycladic island to choose as a family?

How did you prepare for this trip with baby?

JI had pre-booked all the Airbnbs, car rentals, ferry and plane transfers.

What means of transport did you use?

Paris – Santorini: direct flight (3h)Santorini – Paros: 3.5 hour ferryParos – Milos: speed-boat de 2hMilos – Athens: direct flight (45min)Athens – Paris: direct flight (3h)We had rented a car on each of the islands (we had brought back our car seat).In Athens, we traveled by taxi (without a car seat suddenly…).


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Where did you sleep during your stay in the Cyclades with baby? Do not hesitate to share your good addresses with us?

We had booked 4 airbnb, each with a separate bedroom (to be able to make her sleep and continue the evening) and an exterior. This allowed us to breakfast lunch at the apartment.

Please describe your family itinerary in Greece: Cyclades & Athens

We have spent

  • 4 days in Santorini,
  • 5 days in Paros,
  • 4 days in Milos
  • and finally 4 days in Athens.

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How did you organize the days with baby in the Cyclades?

So either we were going at the beach around 9:30 in the morning until 12 p.m. (even sometimes 1 p.m. if she fell asleep), we then returned to the apartment for lunch and put the little one to bed around 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. for her nap. She woke up around 5 p.m., we made her her snack and went off to visit a village then dinner around 7:30 p.m. (we made her her bottle at the restaurant) and came back around 9-9:30 p.m. to put her to bed.Or else we visit a village or a cultural outing in the morning, and the beach after the siesta between 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. then we came back to shower and change before going out to dinner again.As the restaurants did not serve early lunches (around 12 noon), we opted for this rhythm: lunches at the apartment at noon and dinners at the restaurant in the evening.We didn’t do baths like at home (because there was nothing to do that), so we showered her with me in the shower.

What did you visit during this trip to Greece: Cyclades & Athens?

In a general way in the Cyclades, charming little villages and beachess. There are also some archaeological sites to visit on certain islands and in Athens.

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Which sites do you recommend in the Cyclades with baby?

There are children’s play areas in each city (often in the shade, all in wood).It’s very nice !!

And how is the baby food?

Small pots and baby compote in the Cyclades

So I was afraid of not finding small pots on site and indeed the choice is limited (there were only 2 tastes).So we had brought back a lot of pots in the suitcases and we only had to buy a few in Athens at the end of the stay.He was also difficult to find compotes and when there were there were only 2 different tastes. So she ate the same flavors for 3 weeks and at the end of her stay we couldn’t find any in Athens so we bought fruit and made a fruit purée ourselves in a saucepan.

Baby milk for a trip to the Cyclades

Regarding powdered milk for 3rd age, the same, we had brought back 1.5 boxes and had to buy a box of infant milk at the supermarket of a Greek island at the end of the stay as well as bledine.

We were buying from mineral water for drinking and for morning and evening milk.We made him taste what we ate at the restaurant in the evening (fish, bread, fries, etc.)No good addresses in particular: in general, we eat very well in Greece.

What climate did you have during your trip to the Cyclades with baby? What kind of clothes should I bring for this trip?

Blue skies and bright sunshine throughout the stay. Even a little heat wave at the start (36°C in the shade on the 1st day): that day, we had just arrived, the body was not yet used to it, we did not go out between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. Otherwise after that it was better, it was around 30-33°C. As I told you, we stayed cool between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. to avoid going out during the hottest hours.I had mainly taken dresses, a vest for the plane, a few bodysuits that I never put on her (she slept in a diaper) and her little shoes!

What baby equipment in the Cyclades and Athens?

We left with:- the stroller– a physiological baby carrier (for visits / villages that are difficult to reach with a stroller)- a nomadic baby chair (for restaurants)- the cosy– the travel cot (because there were none in most rented accommodation)It was just what was needed.We had managed to wedge the travel cot in the cozy by strapping it well and having it moved into the hold.The YOYO stroller passed in cabin baggage (on TRANSAVIA and SKY EXPRESS).

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What is your best memory of this family trip to Greece: Cyclades & Athens?

Difficult to choose a single moment: I really liked the moments on the beach at the end of the day with a very soft sun, the little one discovering the sea, the games in the sand.

What did you dislike (visit, way of traveling, atmosphere…) and what is better to avoid?

The roads are quite narrow and we have a few sweats on streets to turn, get off, especially in Santorini and Milos. So I would say avoid getting a too wide/low car.

Have you had any “troubles” and if so which ones?

The little one was difficult in the outward flight, then arrived in Santorini, we had a problem (scam) from Europcar which did not want to leave the car to us since we did not have a credit card but a debit card, in short I cried about it (end crack ^^), they ended up charging us an additional insurance of 186€ and we picked up the car at 8:30 p.m. We arrived at the accommodation at 9 p.m. at night, after having difficulty finding the exact address. In short, we had nothing to eat for us, so we ended up ordering pizzas (catastrophic arrival ^^).Between Paros and Milos, the speed-boat experience was quite horrible: we left at night 2 hours late, so more than 9 p.m. It was moving a lot, I was sick during the 2 hour journey. The little one was sleeping quietly in her stroller, fortunately..

What precautions did you take to visit Greece: Cyclades & Athens with children (safety, health, sun protection, what did you put in the first aid kit.)?

I had ordered the European health insurance card for children and had taken his health record as well as all the medications we had (coquelusedal, baby fly, doliprane, prorhinel, etc.).We had bought baby sunscreen.

How did you occupy baby during the journeys? What kind of toy did they take on this trip?

So on the plane, nothing special.For the car rides, we kept and cleaned out a big jar of Greek cheese (haha) where we put a few toys and so we left for her to play with.We hadn’t brought many toys (a few audio books, a small plastic telephone, a chain that she likes). During the trip, we accumulated other “toys”: bread apple, …

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What budget on average per day did you spend during this stay in Greece: Cyclades & Athens?

The accounts are not yet made.I would say 100€/night for accommodation, 70€ for the car, 70€ for the restaurant, a drink in the morning, and breakfast and lunch.

Your rating on this destinationSanitary conditions: 10 /10Ease of transport on site: 8 /10Ease of finding everything for babies (infant milk, baby food, etc.): 8 /10Activities suitable for children: 9 /10Beauty of the landscapes: 10 /10Affordable budget: 8 /10

Thanks to Emilie for her participation. So, want to go to the Cyclades with baby?

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