Déconfinement : why the reopening of the border turns the puzzle

Coronavirus : why Europe reopens its borders in a disorganized manner

International tourism

Europe re-opens on Monday 15 June as a part of its bordersthe tourism sector was waiting for it with impatience… Nine european countries, among which France, re-opened their borders, but only for travelers coming from other european countries. All this after 91 days of closure, this is unprecedented in times of peace.

However, there are still a few quirks. Italy had already opened its borders, Spain is the 1st of July, because it is most affected by the epidemic of the Covid-19, except in the Balearic islands with the arrival today of 10,000 Germans. They will be tested and followed up with applications. Portugal opens its borders to all european countries, except Spain, Greece reopens also except for some flights from “at risk areas”… including France. Malta remains fully closed.

Normally, all will align on the 1st of July with a full opening. For the border extra-european, Europe should agree to harmonise everything from the 1st of July. But then again, it’s a bazaar total.

The tourist season is not saved

Can we expect a tourist season acceptable, if not normal ? Not sure. First, the reopening of the borders is essential but not the sufficient condition. Then, the capacity will be reduced due to health standards, of distancing physical.

In addition, the price level drops, the hotels in particular. And then, in some countries, France for example, there are public campaigns to discourage people from crossing borders and rather spend their holidays on the national ground. In Paris, 11 palaces remain closed and do not accept reservations, and again, not all that for the month of August.

In other hotels, it is around 25% of reservations, while at this time of the year, rather, it is 60-70 %. The advantage of this is that the major tourist sites and museums are much more dubious in nature, in particular Venice which welcomes 30 million tourists.

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