Déconfinement : the list of the countries where we will soon be able to travel

Coronavirus : what countries should the EU re-open its borders ?

International tourism

While the countries of the continent, déconfinent little by little, the European Union is planning to reopen its borders to more than a dozen countries. Friday night, the ambassadors of the countries of the EU and the Schengen area have proposed a list, that excludes the United States, where the epidemic seems out of control.

According to a diplomatic source, among the countries considered Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, and Uruguay. Countries, plus Chinaunder the condition of reciprocity, that is to say, provided that it welcomes on its territory the travelers coming in from the EU. Would have also allowed travelers to Andorra, Monaco, Vatican and san Marino.

The presidency of the Croatian EU gave member States until Saturday night to decide on a vote, but some have called for more time. The Europeans are not able to agree on a list of countries considered as “safe” and which the residents could come in Europe from 1 July. Date on which the prohibition of travel is non-essential to the EU should be lifted.

“The consultations continue, and will continue until Monday,” said a diplomatic source in europe. “It is difficult to predict an outcome, but the presidency hope to be able to pass a vote on Monday,” said this source. The list should then be revised every two weeks.

Epidemiological criteria

The proposal of the european fixed several epidemiological criteria for a country to be on the list of the admitted, such a rate of new cases of Covid-19 close to or below 16 per 100,000 inhabitants (average in the EU) on the last 14 days. But also a tendency to stability or decrease of new cases, as well as the measures put in place by countries to fight the pandemic, including the practice tests. Several member States have, however, deemed “problematic” reliability of epidemiological data provided by third countries, including China.

If the border control remains the responsibility of each State, the EU tries to coordinate as much as possible on the issue of travellers to allow on its soil, because of the freedom of movement which includes in the Schengen areawith the lifting of the restrictions decided to fight against the coronavirus.

But some tourist countries show themselves willing to re-open without delay. Greece, for its part, started as early as the 15th of June to re-open its airports to several countries outside the EU, including China, New Zealand and South Korea.