Au risque de doucher l’enthousiasme général, l’automne à venir comporte un vrai risque : celui de voir repartir la pandémie avec, à la clé, un nouveau confinement /crédit DepositPhoto

Coronavirus: this “non-compulsory” vaccine that we will have to do …


Over the weeks, we have to face the facts: without vaccine, no salvation to travel the world according to. That of post-covid-19 or rather that of the taming of the coronavirus …
The countries most advanced in immunization are those which are now opening their borders. Some even allow themselves the luxury (Maldives, Seychelles), or even snub, to vaccinate tourists who are not.
But that doesn’t change the story: when you have to be vaccinated, you have to be vaccinated.
It’s a safe bet that this requirement will increase over time.. Not only in the most affected destinations but also in France, in our travels, in our daily life …
One can imagine that after the ravages of the pandemic, the authorities of the countries most appreciated by the French for their holidays, are particularly careful not to fall back from charybdis to scylla.
And all the more so since we are far from having circumscribed this damn coronavirus which, from variant to variant, thwarts the prognosis and continues its mad cavalcade across the planet.
The explosion of cases in India (400,000 in a single day) over the past week shows us just how the situation is fragile and at the mercy of a simple mutation.

The risk of a new confinement this fall?

In France, the lull could also be short-lived if our fellow citizens, thanks to a blooming spring and a promise of escape (READ “The French can book their summer vacation”), threw their barrier gestures over the nettles and began to frolic.
Because at the risk of dampening the general enthusiasm and dampening the mood, the coming autumn carries a real risk: that of seeing the pandemic start again with, as a result, a new containment.
To rule out this hypothesis, there is only one possible remedy today: vaccination.

And even if I make the “anti” people scream (the percentage of which is constantly dropping), this officially “non-compulsory” bite remains today our only safe conduit for the world according to. This is to avoid constantly wading between curfews, confinement and deconfinement.
While this principle is intangible for being able to travel abroad, it is also increasingly true in France. The Government, which was choosy and played the frightened virgins when we spoke of the vaccine passport, has turned its back.

The vaccine accessible to all ages and all pathologies

Emmanuel Macron’s last speech (READ – Tourism travel: the reopening and sector by sector gauges) on the reopening dates in 4 phases and as many dates (restaurants, bars, terraces, sports halls, shows …), increasingly relies at all levels on the logic of a “health” pass, technically supported by the “Tous anti-covid” app, which I invite you to download. (Download)

In addition, the acceleration of vaccination and its opening almost accessible now to all ages and all pathologies, demonstrates the will of the public authorities not to leave any segment of the population by the roadside.
We know that the range of vaccines available is not a panacea. We still do not know much, for lack of perspective on their long-term effectiveness.
For example, their safety vis-à-vis unvaccinated people, their resistance to different variants, the frequency of repetition (time between two injections) …
On the other hand, we have one certainty, only one: without a vaccine, there is no salvation!

What is your opinion on the vaccine, will it become “compulsory”?

Your opinion interests us. Do you think that the French will be able to do otherwise than to be vaccinated to be able to travel, in France as abroad?
Have your say below and leave us your comments.

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