Coronavirus : no, there is no influx of tourists, positive to the hospital in Sète

Coronavirus : no, there is no influx of tourists, positive to the hospital in Sète

International tourism

Is this, the proof of this second wave of Covid-19 that some have predicted for weeks ? A message viral published on Facebook seems to be in everything
the case confirms what we feared. You can read a message on a screen background which steal the roses : “Alert cases of Covid in the hospital
, vacationers come from cap d’agde to be vigilant”.

The message is accompanied by a
link leads to the page of an information site called Herald News. A
article is written in it “Several
groups of individuals who came to the Cape d’agde, Grau d’agde and Sète were diagnosed positive Covid-19 this weekend, it would seem that the most
come spend the holiday in the region.”

You could be worried about, as are
the comments listed in this publication Facebook but one thing is all the same
strange. In this post, the number of new cases of Covid is not
the number of tourists who
attended the hospital facilities of this corner of France no more.

These figures are of the kind of details you need to look at before
. It is here that lies the disinformation, lurking in the shadow of the terrier of the
disinformation, as it is not, there is no influx of tourists with a positive Covid to
the hospital of Sète

A fake new quickly identified

It is the regional daily newspaper Midi Free that as soon as the weekend
last noticed the alarmist messages and totally panicked some
internet users relating to the hospital of Sète. And then by the newspaper 20 minutes that has
took his small phone and called the hospital in the Thau basin, including the hospital of Saint-Clair in Sète. The newspaper has confirmed it was a
false information.
The institution emphasizes, in a post published on the 29th of June, that there has been “no positive test since may 22, to hospitals in the Thau basin, and no patient Covid-19 hospitalized since mid-June”. So no, there is not second wave with as starting point the city of Sète.