Coronavirus in the United Kingdom : a public holiday additional to boost tourism ?

Coronavirus in the United Kingdom : a public holiday additional to boost tourism ?

International tourism

After the four-day week, as proposed by the first minister in new zealand, Jacinda Ardern, it is the turn of “Visit Britain”, the national office of tourism british columbia, suggest an idea for the revival of tourism : the establishment of a holiday extra that would be added in October.

This measure aims to address the loss of tourism, which has been undermined by the containment. Patricia Yates, director-general of Visit Britain, estimates the losses of the tourism sector to about 37 billion pounds (41 billion euros). To recall, the United Kingdom has enacted a quatorzaine strict for any new arrival on the territory. Great Britain intends to rely mainly on domestic tourism to compensate for losses.

A question of balance

Downing Street said the proposal, ensuring that the government “supported the tourism industry in this period.” A spokesman for the government said “it should be recognized that a holiday entails economic costs”.

Everything is a question of a balance of expenses/income for the State and the sector. The Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) believes that a loss of productivity in some sectors may be partially offset by its increase in others. The vice-president of the think tank, Douglas McWilliams, interviewed by The Guardian, believes that this holiday extra in October, would generate 490 million pounds (548 million euros) in tourism and trade.

Britain has only 8 public holidays (compared to 11 in France) and is below the european average.