Coronavirus: do not travel (at least) until the end of April

Coronavirus: do not travel (at least) until the end of April

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Coronavirus and travel

Many people have the habit of searching in Viaje na Viagem which is the best time to travel everywhere. There is a reason: we also say what are the times for not traveling to this or that place. We don’t hide anything: we advise against traveling in times when it can rain a lot, there may be a hurricane, it may be too crowded, everything may be closed …

Well, unfortunately, from now until at least the end of April is not a good time to travel anywhere.

Not only because the trip is subject to all kinds of perrengue – closing attractions and restaurants, blocking borders, interrupting air connections, imposing quarantines on arrival (and returning too), all without prior notice.

This is just one side of the issue. The other side, more importantly, is that we need to stay home to help contain the spread of Covid-19 in Brazil.

Even if there are no travel restriction measures in Brazil or in some other countries (which can be imposed at any time!), We must help to restrict circulation – for everyone’s sake.

How to cancel your trip

You need to use the same channel where you purchased your trip.

If you purchased with a travel agent, contact the agent and ask them to inform you of your options.

If you purchased your ticket on airline websites. airlines or online agencies (like Takeoff or Expedia), look on the homepage for the link to the cancellation or refund page.

If you booked a hotel on hotel booking sites (like Booking or Hoté with a non-refundable rate, find the confirmation email and click on the link to manage your reservation.

Is the refund guaranteed?

The cancellation and refund policy varies from supplier to supplier – and has been changing quite fast.

Many suppliers already have tools to make the change on the site itself, eliminating the need to call the call center.

For countries with restricted entry or circulation it’s easy to change the trip without a ticket. Some (few) suppliers offer a full refund. Most, unfortunately, only offer credit to reschedule the trip, subject to tariff differences.

For countries or periods not yet announced restrictions, cancellation and change at no charge are more complicated. In such cases it may be worth waiting until travel restrictions to your destination are imposed, so that your trip falls into the previous category.

For travel within Brazil, Gol, Azul and Latam are allowing changes without cost, with variable dates (April 15th at Latam, May 14th at Gol and May 31st at Azul).

Is it worthwhile to appeal to justice?

Given the proportions of the pandemic, I do not believe that it is difficult to obtain in court the reimbursement that is denied by suppliers with offices in Brazil.

The campaign “Don’t cancel, reschedule!”

There is a campaign to make travelers aware not to cancel their trips, but to reschedule later. This could reduce the size of the breakdown of companies in the tourism industry, saving many jobs in inns, hotels, travel agencies and inbound tourism.

I fully support the initiative.

However … I think there is a link that needs to be sensitized for it to work: the companies. aerial. It is disappointing that many companies. airlines do not offer even some periods of the year for the consumer to reschedule their ticket without any fare difference. If this continues, customers who have purchased promotional tickets will be encouraged to seek reimbursement through litigation, rather than making the same trip in the future.

How are you solving your trip?

Share with us your experience to change or cancel your trip. So everyone helps each other. Thank you!