Coronavirus and tourism: situation in 100 destinations in Brazil

Coronavirus and tourism: situation in 100 destinations in Brazil

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Gonçalves, MG: without coronavirus until July 10

Coronavirus Panel in Brazil Destinations

Coronavirus and tourism: how is the situation of the pandemic in Brazilian tourist destinations? To help you make an informed decision about when to travel safely, Travel on Trip is now monitoring pandemic numbers in 100 places to travel in Brazil.

In each of these destinations, we calculated the cumulative total of cases and deaths, with emphasis on the number of new cases registered each week in the last 4 weeks.

This makes it easier to identify which destinations are starting to control the pandemic, and in which places the cycle is still in the beginning.

  • This week’s highlights
  • How to use the information on this panel
  • Index of 100 destinations

Highlights of the week

Coronavirus and tourism: Fortaleza, with decreasing numbers for 4 weeks

Fortaleza: numbers dropping 4 weeks ago

THE interiorization of the pandemic it’s a fact. This means that that little place where you dreamed of escaping the virus may now be starting its contagion curve. Ironically, some large cities may end up getting rid of the pandemic before natural havens.

Click on city names to see numbers.

→ Zero case: 1 destination

Goncalves (MG)

  • Of the 100 destinations surveyed, only one remains without confirmed cases of coronavirus: it is Gonçalves, on the border between Minas Gerais and São Paulo.
  • Since the end of June, some inns have been authorized by the city to operate, but with only 30% of capacity.

Urubici (SC)

  • Urubici, in the Serra Catarinense, which had zero cases in the July 6 count, registered its first two cases throughout this week.

  • The new number will appear in the weekly update to be made on the 13th.

→ 4 consecutive weeks of decline: 4 destinations

The most accurate indicator that the fight against the pandemic is beginning to have some success is the decrease in the number of new cases for several consecutive weeks. But success will only come when the numbers come close to zero.

In the July 6 survey, 4 destinations recorded a decrease in cases in all the previous 4 weeks. They are: Fortaleza, Canoa Quebrada, Manaus and Rio de Janeiro.


  • The sharpest drop was in Fortaleza, which in those 4 weeks went from 3,500 to 1,500 weekly cases.
  • Over the course of the week, however, pace has increased slightly again, and in the next update Fortaleza will no longer be in that group.
  • Bars and restaurants were already open during the day. From Monday the 13th, the beach huts will reopen and the restaurants will be able to operate at night.

broken Canoe

  • The decrease in the numbers of the capital is already reflected in other destinations on the coast of Ceará. Canoa Quebrada (numbers are from the municipality’s headquarters, Aracati) was the first beach to reach 4 weeks of consecutive fall.
  • However, Canoa Quebrada remains closed to tourism.
  • Flecheiras (Trairi) and Icaraizinho (Amontada) also seem to be heading towards a situation of constant fall.

  • Jericoacoara, however, still has upward numbers.


  • Manaus has already entered the fourth phase of its reopening plan.

  • Restaurants, attractions and floating boats are already operating with restrictions, through the adoption of security protocols.

Rio de Janeiro

  • It is likely that the city of Rio de Janeiro will leave this group in the next update, because the pace of registering new cases in the last few days points to a slightly higher number than the previous week.
  • Restaurants and bars are already authorized to operate, as well as some attractions, such as the Botanical Garden.

→ 2 consecutive weeks of decline: 8 destinations

Maintaining a decrease in new cases for two consecutive weeks is the first indication, albeit incipient, that the situation may be controlled.

They are in this group:

  • Maragogi, in the north of Alagoas

  • São Miguel dos Milagres, also in Alagoas

  • Porto de Galinhas (Ipojuca) in Pernambuco

  • João Pessoa in Paraíba

  • Vitória + Vila Velha in Espírito Santo

  • Flecheiras (Trairi) in Ceará

  • Diamantina in northern Minas Gerais

  • Guarujá on the coast of São Paulo

→ Increase in cases in destinations that have reopened

  • Destinations in the South that anticipated the opening to tourism, such as Foz do Iguaçu (already closed again), Gramado and Penha saw their numbers grow.
  • Effects of opening up or merely reflecting the spread of the pandemic towards the south and west? I will talk about these cases in the next update, after accounting for the situation on the 13th.

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How to use the information on this panel

Coronavirus and tourism: Rio de Janeiro

Rio Botanical Garden: open by appointment

The fact that a destination is on this list does not mean that it is open to tourism, nor that it is recommended to travel there at this time. The intention is to show the trend of the pandemic in each place: by the evolution of the number of new cases, it is possible to have an idea of ​​where the virus is starting to be contained and where the curve is still rising.

At this time of the pandemic in Brazil, do not buy any trip that cannot be postponed or canceled at no cost.

Where we collect information

The figures are collected from official sources of information in the municipalities or states. You can consult all these sources – there is always a link at the bottom of each table.

To assemble this first panel, we counted the numbers of 6 weeks of new cases. The tables show the figures for the last 4 weeks.

In some tourist places that ‘work’ together, we combine information from more than one municipality (for example: Porto Seguro + Santa Cruz Cabrália, João Pessoa + Cabedelo + Conde, Canindé do São Francisco + Piranhas).

Sometimes it is impossible to isolate data for a tourist district. In these cases we need to use the numbers of the municipality’s headquarters (for example: Mata de São João for Praia do Forte, Ipojuca for Porto de Galinhas, Camanducaia for Monte Verde). Although certainly the headquarters have numbers much larger than the districts, it is expected that the increase or decrease in new cases will point to trend the municipality as a whole.

What the arrows mean

Green arrow pointing down:

Green arrow means that the number of new cases this week decreased compared to the number of new cases from the previous week. Several consecutive weeks of downward-pointing arrows indicate a tendency to control the virus.

Red arrow pointing up:

Red arrow means that the number of new cases this week grown up compared to the number of new cases from the previous week. Several consecutive weeks of arrows pointing upwards indicate that there is still ground for the curve to fall.

Blue arrow pointing to the side:

Blue arrow means that the number of new cases this week is equal the number of new cases from the previous week. (It does not mean that there were no new cases! If in one week there are 1,000 cases, and in the following week, another 1,000 cases, the arrow will point to growth stability.)

The presentation is still in beta!

Soon this post will gain a more user-friendly interface, I promise.

Destination index

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AL Maceió

AL Maragogi

AL São Miguel dos Milagres + Porto de Pedras

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AM Manaus

AM Novo Airão

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BA Chapada Diamantina

Includes: Lençóis, Mucugê, Andaraí and Palmeiras

BA Ilhéus

BA Itacaré

BA Morro de São Paulo and Boipeba

Town: Cairu

BA Maraú Peninsula (Barra Grande)

BA Porto Seguro & region

Includes: Arraial d’Ajuda, Caraíva, Praia do Espelho, Santa Cruz Cabrália, Santo André and Trancoso

BA Prado, Cumuruxatiba and Corumbau

BA Praia do Forte, Imbassaí and Costa do Sauípe

Municipality: Mata de São João

BA Salvador

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CE Canoa Quebrada

Municipality: Aracati

CE Flecheiras, Guajiru and Mundaú

Town: Trairi

CE Fortaleza

CE Icaraizinho de Amontada

Town: Amontada

CE Jericoacoara

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DF Brasilia

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ES Guarapari

ES Vitória + Vila Velha

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GO Caldas Novas

GO Chapada dos Veadeiros

Includes: Alto Paraíso de Goiás and Cavalcante

GO Pirenópolis

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MA Lençóis Maranhenses

Includes: Barreirinhas and Santo Amaro do Maranhão

MA São Luís

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MT Bom Jardim + Nobles

MT Chapada dos Guimarães

MT Poconé (North Pantanal)


MS Bonito

Includes: Garden

MS Corumbá


MG Belo Horizonte

MG Brumadinho (Inhotim)

MG Diamantina

MG Gonçalves

MG Monte Verde

Town: Camanducaia

MG Ouro Preto

MG Tiradentes


PA Alter do Chão

Municipality: Santarém

PA Belém

PA Marajó Island

Includes: Soure and Salvaterra

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PB João Pessoa

Includes: Cabedelo and Count

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PR Curitiba

PR Foz do Iguaçu

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PE Fernando de Noronha

PE Porto de Galinhas

City: Ipojuca

PE Recife

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PI Barra Grande do Piauí

Municipality: Cajueiro da Praia

PI Parnaíba

PI Serra da Capivara

Municipality: São Raimundo Nonato

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RJ Angra dos Reis + Ilha Grande

RJ Arraial do Cabo + Cabo Frio

RJ Buzios

RJ Petrópolis

RJ Paraty

RJ Rio de Janeiro

RJ Visconde de Mauá

City: Resende

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RN Galinhos

RN Natal

RN Pipa

Town: Tibau do Sul

RN São Miguel do Gostoso

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RS Aparados da Serra

Municipality: Cambará do Sul

RS Bento Gonçalves (Vale dos Vinhedos)

RS Gramado + Canela

RS Porto Alegre

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SC Balneário Camboriú

SC Blumenau

SC Bombinhas + Porto Belo

SC Florianopolis

SC Garopaba and Praia do Rosa

Includes: Imbituba

SC Penha

SC São Joaquim + Bom Jardim da Serra

SC Urubici

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SP Campos do Jordão

SP Guaruja

SP Ilhabela

SP Santo Antônio do Pinhal

SP Santos

SP Sao Paulo

SP São Sebastião

Includes: Maresias, Boiçucanga, Camburi, Juqueí, Barra do Saí, Barra do Una

SP Ubatuba

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SE Aracaju

SE Xingó

Includes: Canindé de São Francisco (ES) + Piranhas (AL)

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TO Jalapão

Includes: Ponte Alta, New Agreement, São Félix and Mateiros

TO Palmas

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