Conférence “Tourisme Spatial : les acteurs, le potentiel, les défis”, par Michel Messager

Conference “Space Tourism: the players, the potential, the challenges”, by Michel Messager


Space tourism is not just about going to the moon or to Mars.
If today the exercise is reserved for a few fortunate happy fews, a number of actors, mainly American, (Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk …) are working hard to democratize space travel.
Particularly in the sector of suborbital or weightless flights, known as Zero G.
On the occasion of the release next April of his book “Space Tourism 1954-2020”, Michel Messager, well-known personality in the travel industry, space tourism expert and columnist, will present during a conference reserved for the MEMBERSHIP Club the actors, the potential and the challenges represented by the new frontiers of space tourism.
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Michel Messager, guest of the MemberShip Club
Videoconference April 13, 2021 – 4 p.m.
Registration required
We can already pre-order the book from the author : [email protected]