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Porto Seguro: Viewpoint in the Historic City

The reopening of Porto Seguro to tourism was scheduled for July 15 (with the exception of the Caraíva district, which would remain closed until August 14).

On the 14th, however, the mayor of Porto Seguro signed a decree delaying the opening until August 1st. Hotels can now open – but restaurants continue to operate only for delivery, and the beaches remain closed.

The measure is due to the increase in new confirmed cases of post-festivities covid of São João. In the text of the decree, the mayor passes the pito on the citizens and conditions the reopening of the economy to the collaboration of all.

If you are thinking of one of the beaches of Porto Seguro to travel there for the end of September or October, this is good news. Postponing the opening now to halt the growth of cases can help make travel safe in two or three months.

Let’s follow? In the Coronavirus Viaje na Viagem panel we are monitoring the situation in 100 Brazilian destinations: see here.

Posted on 7/15/2020

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