Chile reopens its borders. Is it worth traveling there?

Chile: 10-day mandatory quarantine on arrival

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Chile reopens: returns to quarantine

Since December 31, 2020, Chile has again demanded a 10-day quarantine from all who enter the country, foreigners or Chileans.

On the 7th day of confinement, the visitor can do a new PCR test – leaving a negative result, he can then leave the quarantine before the 10th day.

In addition to the quarantine upon arrival, to go to Chile it is necessary to:

  • To present negative PCR test for covid done up to 72 hours before departure
  • Fill a sworn statement of health condition available on here
  • Download and register with covid control application in Chilean territory

Tourism is still limited, with many regions still in the process of restricting activities.

Santiago (communes of Santiago, Providencia, Vitacura and Las Condes) returned to Phase 2 (Transition), with very few activities allowed. Restaurants can only operate at 25% maximum occupancy, using only outdoor tables.

The situation of the Chilean communes is regularly reviewed by the Ministry of Health, through the program Paso a Paso.

Check the official website of the Chilean government: