Chapada Diamantina

Cheap travels in Brazil: discover incredible places with little expense


Brazil is a country rich in diversity and wonderful places to enjoy a good walk. In addition to the destinations being unforgettable, it is possible to get to know them without spending so much. ViajaNet listed some unmissable national places that do not weigh in your pocket. Meet some cheap travel around Brazil that you can’t miss.

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Chapada Diamantina (Bahia)

Chapada Diamantina is a national park that delights any nature lover and is one of the cheapest places to travel in Brazil. With trails, caves, valleys, canyons and landscapes beyond impressive, this destination has attracted a lot of attention from tourists all over the world. What makes Chapada Diamantina even more interesting is that the cost of the trip is not high.

The period of the year when it is possible to find the cheapest airline ticket to Chapada Diamantina is in the month of August. You will spend around R $ 790.00 (round trip). The price of accommodation varies a lot and depends on the region you choose. But you can pay from R $ 35.00 to R $ 115.00 per night in a room for three people. An incredible destination that you don’t need to spend so much to have a memorable experience.

Salvador, Bahia)

Salvador is one of the most popular Brazilian destinations for tourists. That’s because the attractions are numerous and special. The tours please any age group. You can enjoy the trip both to relax and to enjoy the trendy nightlife of the place. In addition, of course, there are incredible and excellent beaches for a good walk.

During the month of September, it is possible to pay around R $ 419.00 (roundtrip) on airfare to this destination. To stay well in Salvador, the cost is around R $ 120.00 per night in a double room. As for food, you can spend R $ 25.00 on a lunch, or if you want to visit more sophisticated restaurants, the price rises to R $ 45.00.

Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul)

Porto Alegre is a Brazilian capital that draws a lot of attention from visitors. It is a modern city, full of green and with good programs to do during the trip. The residents are very hospitable and the place has very famous sights.

Between the months of August and September, it is possible to pay R $ 268 on the return ticket to Porto Alegre. To stay in the city, you can find hotels for R $ 50.00 per day. Food is very cheap compared to other places in Brazil: you can pay from R $ 20.00 to R $ 40.00 for a good lunch.

Natal, Rio Grande do Norte)

Natal is a very coveted Brazilian destination. The place has beautiful sandy beaches and seas with various shades of blue. In addition, the attractions are numerous and the prices usually attract even more tourists.

In November, the return ticket to Natal costs around R $ 780.00. If you want to save, it is possible to stay in hostels for R $ 40.00 per day or even hotels that are around R $ 125.00.

Curitiba, Parana)

Another capital on our list. Curitiba is a full plate for those who want to make an unforgettable trip without spending so much. The best tourist attractions of this destination do not charge entry, that is, it is possible to know everything that the city offers almost without spending.

In both November and December, it is possible to find airfare for R $ 249.00 (roundtrip). For your accommodation, book around R $ 90.00 per night in a good hotel room for three people. You can have lunch very well in Curitiba by paying only R $ 20.00.

João Pessoa (Pernambuco)

João Pessoa is a very famous city on the northeastern coast. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, the city pleases all types of public. With many attractions and attractive prices, João Pessoa becomes a destination at the top of many people’s list.

Between August and September, you can buy round-trip tickets to João Pessoa by paying around R $ 550.00. In addition to the free attractions, you can stay in 4-star hotels paying R $ 140.00 per night. The expenses with food and transportation are also low and facilitate the tour.

Brumadinho (Minas Gerais)

Brumadinho is a small town in Minas, but it has attracted many visitors. The Inhotim Institute is a world-renowned cultural complex and has been the main attraction of this destination.

As it is a small city, the prices for tours, food and transportation are much cheaper when compared to those in the metropolises. A tour that is very worthwhile for those who want to relax and get to know beautiful landscapes.

These are just a few cheap destinations in Brazil. Do not miss the chance to get to know the national beauties and be surprised by many striking tours and fantastic experiences.

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