Changes in the TUI structure from January


The group reported that Peter kruegerUntil now director of strategy, he will assume the functions that Ebel had, for which he has been appointed a member of the board of directors as of January 1 and will be in charge of the participations in hotels such as Riu, cruise ships, airlines and his previous area of ​​responsibility for mergers and acquisitions.

At the same time, Erik friemuth (CMO) will lead an expanded department, being in charge of marketing and own hotel brands (TUI Blue, Robinson, TUI Magic Life), as well as Customer Sales and Operations.

At the beginning of the month the company announced that in order to increase its presence in the tours and activities sector and accelerate its digital transformation, it was creating TUI Musement, an open platform of these experience services for suppliers and customers. At the Supervisory Board meeting on Tuesday, it was agreed that TUI Musement will be directly represented on the Group’s Executive Committee with its CEO David schelp.

“The entire tourism sector continues to go through an unprecedented crisis and after the pandemic many things will have changed. With the new composition of the TUI management team, we are already in the best possible position to start well after the pandemic”Said Fritz Joussen, CEO of the Group.

In fiscal 2019, TUI Group recorded a turnover of around € 19 billion and an operating result of € 893 million.

As HOSTELTUR published, at the end of September TUI met the requirements to receive a second package of financial aid from the German Government and, thus, to the credit line of 1,050 million euros are added another 1,200 million and some total financial resources of about 2 billion euros to face the winter 2020/21 and go through the crisis generated by COVID-19.