CDS Groupe, a pioneer for 20 years!

CDS Groupe, a pioneer for 20 years!


Our first solutions brought hotel technology to agencies that they only had through the GDS offering. This saved time in terms of the reservation process and therefore increased their productivity.
CDS Groupe has complemented the hotel chains offering by integrating independent hotels. As a reminder, France counts 60% of independent hotels which were not widely distributed by the GDS at the time.
CDS Groupe then continued on the same line by innovating in payment methods, providing agencies with a secure payment system and above all traceability on debits and collections, a notable improvement in terms of revenue.
Finally, automatic re-invoicing, associated with the entire process, enabled travel agencies to address the corporate market, where they faced strong competition from benchmark international TMCs.

THE’CDS Group offer asserts itself as from now on being the only independent, global, transparent and interoperable solution whatever the technological environment of the corporate client.
In a market in remission, we are seeing a rebound in the business hotel industry.
Our market, historically driven by large companies, TMC Globales, international, high-end hotels, “capital” destinations such as Paris, London or New York, is currently driven by:
● Public procurement and SMEs;
● National consumption and provincial towns;
● Economic chains and independents.
CDS Groupe thus enables its partner agencies to position itself on these national markets, in a competitive and productive manner, essential for business continuity and the return of growth.

In this anniversary year # 20, CDS Groupe is also retaining its digital and innovative mindset. Always in search of new solutions, with our teams but also attentive to what the market can bring, we are co-organizing with IFTM Top Resa the Business Travel Hackathon which will take place at the show on October 5 and 6 next. During 24 hours without interruption, participants will develop their projects and help create the benchmark hotel base of the Business Travel.
“The IFTM by CDS Hackathon is the only Research and Development operation to my knowledge that is concretely applied to the needs of companies and their travelers. I opt for a new definition of R&D: Takeover & Digital , a subtle marriage to evolve and innovate the business hotel, technology and travel industry. “ Ziad Minkara, CEO of CDS Groupe, sponsor of the 2019 and 2021 IFTM Hackathon.
For 20 years, CDS Groupe maintains the same philosophy, the same DNA and this is what allows it to be a loyal partner of agencies. Transparent on its pricing offer and capable of being implemented in the various GDS and OTAs, it allows agencies to capture hotel volume, meet the expectations of the public and private sector by offering group responses to calls for tenders. By opening up to the English and Italian markets in recent years, CDS Groupe is continuing to expand and take on a European dimension.
Whatever the problem encountered on the European market, CDS Groupe can provide you with an agile and innovative solution thanks to a dedicated support service, experienced account managers and specific technology.

Come and celebrate this anniversary with us at our booth at the IFTM Top Resa from October 5 to 8. Make an appointment, we will discuss our solutions together !

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