Business travel: reasonable levels from the autumn

Business travel: reasonable levels from the autumn

International tourism

If there are no new setbacks, and the evolution of the pandemic Covid-19 continues as up to now, the business trips will register some reasonable levels in the fall of this year. So provided for by the director general of Gebta, Marcel Forns, who recognizes that the health crisis “has involved a halt very significant activity, with a fall of close to 95%”.

In statements to Expansion, expected in September, could begin the take-off of a sector that moves in Spain close to 12,500 million euros per year. However, it points out that the recovery will be gradual and that the usual levels will not recover until 2021. For this to happen it will be crucial to the turn of events and congresses, many of which have been postponed or cancelled.

“Business travel will begin in the domestic sphere and to continue with the proximity, which is the european, and then turn to the long radio. This will happen in Spain as that is going on in other markets more developed”, detailed Forns.

To the director general of Gebta, there is the risk that the business travel, will suffer a slowdown due to economic reasons. “We are going to look at more closely, both by the risk as by the cost. The companies are going to make use of the technologies, as they have done in the past, provided that the trip is dispensable, but there are movements and meetings that have to be performed face-to-face”, apostille.