Business travel: demand in May almost recovered to 2019 level


The progression of business travel activity continues according to the Marco Polo index for the month of May 2022. While it marked a form of plateau in its recovery in April, it is a travel sector business in full form which ends the month of mayposting an activity index of 90, i.e. located at 90% of its level in May 2019.
Read also : Marco Polo Index: “Military progress for business travel in April” This performance is all the more remarkable in that it was achieved in a context where the offer has not always been able to meet demand, for reasons of availability of equipment and/or personnel, particularly in the air sector. These supply-related limits did not affect all of the players and are therefore the cause of the significant dispersion of results observed this month.
It is therefore reasonable to think that without these limits linked to the offer, the level of activity would have been broadly comparable to that of May 2019. So what about the future? No one can predict, but experts remain optimistic for the next few months.

About Marco Polo

Marco Polo is an association bringing together around a hundred decision-makers from the world of tourism and business travel and which leads discussions on the major challenges of the sector and its prospects.

In particular, it closely follows the recovery of this industry and to do this has developed its own monthly activity index, a composite index based on all the professions in the sector, all represented within the association. Marco Polo wishes to share this analysis tool with the market today, hoping that it will be useful to travel managers, mobility buyers and the various players in business travel.