Burma : the tomb-temples invest Bagan, empty of tourists

Burma : the tomb-temples invest Bagan, empty of tourists

International tourism

The archeological city of Bagan, tucked away in the meanders of the river Irrawaddy, and is ranked in the
a Unesco world heritage site last year, “has never been more
targeted” by the looters for decades because of the lack of tourists, ” said Myint Than, director –
assistant of the department of archeology of Bagan.

At the beginning of June, a
dozen pagodas were looted
according to the authorities, who have not
clarified the content, or the amount of the loot, referring to “relics and
of coins”. To deter thieves, dozens of police and fire patrol now, day or night.

At night, helmet on head and weapon in hand, some
positioned in front of the entrance of the temples. Other leave or motorcycle
jeep to get lost in the alleys of the capital of the first burmese empire
(Eleventh-Thirteenth century).

Airports closed since march

situation is “under control for the time being”said the
lieutenant-colonel of police Within Win, welcoming the fact that none of the
pagodas the most prestigious, such as the Shwezigon, with its chedi
golden or that of Ananda, the best preserved, has been vandalized.

The looters of treasures have not been arrested to this day. “This
are certainly not people of Bagan,” says Myint Than, who
refuses to believe that they could “betray their heritage”.

Burma, which attracted in recent years more and more tourists after decades of military dictatorship, has been closed since
march its airports in an attempt to stem the pandemic of sars coronavirus and
the archaeological complex is a desert for months.