British: the next holidays will be the most important of your lives


What will those dream holidays that the British already yearn for? They must last fifteen days in destinations that offer at least nine hours of sun a day and temperatures of 28 degrees, according to this report collected by the Travel Daily Media newspaper.

Those destinations should include white sand beaches, luxury hotels with a large pool, cocktails, and friendly staff. The perfect break would also include dining out, trips to all local attractions and sights, plus plenty of time to enjoy your chosen vacation reading.

The study commissioned by Jet2holidays makes it clear that Brexit will not discourage British people from continuing to travel to their dream locations, including European destinations such as Greece and Italy. However, wherever they go, it is clear to the British that there must be a clear blue sea and plenty of opportunities to tan.

The British will continue betting on the sun and sand.

“It is fascinating to discover what tourists want for their perfect break, especially after such a tough year,” says a Jet2holidays spokesperson.

“From the study it is clear that tourists still have very clear things about what they want from a getaway: lots of sun, beach, blue seas and friendly faces to take care of them. And why not? They work hard and have been through a lot recently. , so it is understandable that they want their rest to meet all these requirements, “he explains

Likewise, the British are clear that lCustomer service will also be key: 80% rate as “crucial” be cared for by friendly staff so that your vacation will be perfect.

Needing a break “desperately”

Conducted by OnePoll, the study identifies the top reasons for wanting to get away next year, including that they need “desperately” a break, mentioned by 47%, wanting to feel the sun on their skin, wielded by 41% and disconnecting, cited by 40%.

Likewise, British tourists want to enjoy cocktails, large pools on their vacation or direct access to the beach from the hotel. Regarding the kitchen, the respondents bet on Italian food.